Blind-Fold Square

There are two missions to this challenge! First mission is to form a square using the rope provided and second is to coordinate with other teams to accomplish the bigger mission. Participants are blindfolded while they are working together.

Icon Activity Type Indoors or Outdoors
Icon Best for team size 10-100pax..
Icon Difficulty Level High

Activity Details

Challenge: Teams find it difficult to communicate and visualize the activity zone, because they are blind folded. They have to be quick in understanding and executing the instructions by eliminating communication barriers.

Results: This exercise promotes situational leadership, big picture thinking and breaks SILO among team members.

Debrief: Situational Leadership, Big Picture thinking and Communication.

Activity video

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    Our Client's Say

    Learning Outcomes

    Situational Leadership

    Big Picture Thinking


    Why Blind Fold Square Challenge

    Table of Contents

    1. Communicating the vision to the team
    2. Three major outcomes

    Communicating the vision to the team

    Blind fold square is a real challenge divided into two missions. In the primary mission, participants must use a rope to form a square. In the second and most crucial mission, all the participants go blindfolded and work together to execute the mission. Situational Leadership, Big Picture thinking and Communication are the objectives of the activity.

    Three major outcomes

    Winning a challenge by being blindfolded sounds like a real one and needs a lot of courage with situational leadership that can lead the teams to the finish point.

    Big picture thinking is the trait needed to win blind fold square as the challenge needs quick thinking and high speed execution. One has to come up with, out of the box ideas as visualizing the challenge area is not a mean task.

    Appropriate and timely communication by moving away from SILO thinking can help the participants win the Blind Fold Square challenge as this too is time bound and needs extraordinary speed and leadership to emerge victorious.

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