Beer Olympics

To network & connect over beer and win exciting beer challenges as one team in the given time.

Icon Activity Type Indoors or Outdoors
Icon Best for team size 20-500 Pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Medium

Activity Details

Challenge: As we say, “Beer makes everything better”, this challenge helps participants bond and connect informally with their colleagues. Teams go through a series of challenges that involve beer as the main ingredient. Each beer game will require different skill sets to win. It’s an excellent opportunity to connect with your colleagues and network.

Results: The objective of this experience is to create a fun atmosphere at workplace and help team members connect with their colleagues over networking. It also boosts self-confidence and enables deeper understanding of team members beyond work place.

Debrief: Networking, Fun, Ice breaking.

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    Learning Outcomes



    Ice Breaking

    Why Beer Olympics?

    Table of Contents


    1. Role of Beer Olympics at workplaces
    2. Beer Games with Thought Bulb


    The fever of Olympics is gradually gripping the sports community and the sports enthusiasts across the globe. The spirit of Olympics strengthens the bond between individuals, teams and nations. With the inspiration from these Olympics, some ingenious corporate folks created a great activity known as Beer Olympics for the corporate workforce.


    It is believed that, “Beer makes everything better”. This activity aids partakers in bonding and connecting with their colleagues, peers and others from the organization, playfully. Teams are formed initially and they participate in a chain of challenges that involve beer as the main ingredient. Each beer game needs varied skill sets to win ultimately. It’s a great opportunity to bond and network with your colleagues.

    Role of Beer Olympics at workplaces

    Poor communication among the workforce is the one of root causes for the failures in the corporate sector. Beer Olympics is aimed at breaking the ice between the teams while having fun, fostering strong bond between peers and helping to connect team members by networking.


    1. Overcome Barriers: It is an ideal opportunity to bury the hatchet between teams and come together to have fun and drink like there is no tomorrow. There is no fear and you have only fun.
    2. Know your Colleagues: It boosts your confidence and you get to know more about your peers than before. This leads to strengthening the bond between peers and teams
    3. Network: Inadvertently, participants of the challenge tend to network with almost everyone which they failed to do appropriately in the usual working environment.

    Beer Games with Thought Bulb

    Our thought bulb team is adept at making such events hilarious and ensuring that the experience is long lasting. We drive your employees to feel free to come forward and indulge in the activity as some individuals feel embarrassed to drink in the presence of others. We will create a stress free environment where everyone feels relaxed and start enjoying themselves thoroughly. Our motto is to ensure that the purpose of the activity is met, eventually. We partner with you to make it happen for you.


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