7 Ways to Gamify Induction for Your Team

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Orientation or an Induction program for new hires is a great opportunity to introduce them to the existing employees of a company. Also, it is an ideal way to break the ice for the new joiners, to clear their apprehensions about the new employer and kick off their new journey. Out of many creative ways […]

10 Challenges faced by an HR in engaging millennials, Solved!

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The modern world travelled from the era of baby boomers to Generation X and then to the current age of Millennials. Current job market is dominated by Millennials, so, there is no company that can do away without hiring millennials. Hiring them is a double-edged knife and then engaging them is one of the biggest […]

25 Super Easy Tips To Conserve Office Resources

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Saving energy is always considered equivalent to producing it. As human beings we enjoy more liberty than other species in exploiting every resource that is at our disposal. This freedom led to misusing and abusing every reserve that is available many times without having to pay for it. We all have learned that preserving earth’s […]

Fire-walk Training for Sales Professionals

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Fire-walking is a very ancient ritual that has been known to the mankind for many millennia. It is practiced by people of various cultures and civilizations throughout the world. Fire-walk happens to be a ritual that establishes traits like bravery, stamina and trust. Fire-walk for Sales Professionals Sales Professionals are the revenue center of any […]

How Beer Conversations can take your team building skills to another level?

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We stepped into 2020, another leap year and the year of Olympics again. Hurray!!! Olympics have always rejuvenated the spirits of the world community. Olympics are the only sporting event that unite individuals despite being strangers and compete against each other while upholding the sportsmanship. Organizations have failed miserably in building an open organizational culture […]