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10 Team Building Venues in North East

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Team offsite is an event that brings the entire team together. Often, team offsites are conducted in metros and corporations do not notice that there are many other exotic destinations to explore outside the metros. North East is among those, wherein, team offsite and other corporate events are not very likely organised. This outstanding circuit […]

10 Team Off-site Venues in Gujarat

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Team Offsite is the most awaited event of the year – it brings immense joy and excitement across teams. India as a whole, is blessed with divine destinations and one such destination is the state of Gujarat. It is a blend of strong legacy and culture. Below mentioned are few top venues which can surely […]

10 Awesome Team Off-site Venues in Tamil Nadu

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Tamil Nadu is one of the most popular states in India, located in the southern part of the country. The state has a strong legacy with the presence of 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Now that Tamil Nadu is a home to a considerable number of multi-national organisations,, there is a need for top venues […]

10 Top Team Off-site Venues in Mumbai

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Mumbai – the financial capital of India – is one of the most popular city of the country. This metropolitan city is a home to top national as well as multi-national organisations. Mumbai is blessed with a range of the exceptional venues that offer vast outdoor and indoor space. And so, we’ve got the best […]

10 Team Building Venues in Cochin and around

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Cochin, also known as Kochi, is the commercial capital of Kerala. This cosmopolitan city is extremely happening and a home to top organisations in the country. The presence of top notch multinational organisations, is an ultimate proof of development. Cochin is bestowed with the finest properties to organise a team off-site. However, finalizing a venue […]

Top 10 Team Building Venues in Kashmir

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There comes the much awaited time of the year when employees get set for their team offsite. And what truly excites them is the off-site destination. India is bestowed with the most divine destinations and so, making a decision is not a complex task. However, in the recent times, off-sites on hills have considerable gained […]

10 Team Off-site Venues in Noida and Around

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Noida is a home to top corporate houses. It is not only a corporate hub but, also boasts of some of the most exceptional venues for conducting a team off-site. So, in order to make your hunt a bit easier, we’ve got the top venue suggestions for you. Take a look: 1. Crowne Plaza, Greater […]

10 Venues to conduct a Team Offsite in the Wild

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Team offsite is undoubtedly, the most awaited event of the year. Nowadays, corporates are shifting their focus from conventional to unconventional locations for their team off-sites. So why not experiment and explore the wild! India is blessed with the such rich wildlife; there is no struggle in finding the best places to conduct offsite in […]

10 Heritage Hotels to Conduct a Team Offsite

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The best part about off-sites is that these are conducted at the best of the locations across the country. India blends culture and modernisation, and has a lot to offer. In the recent few years, heritage hotels have become a popular choice for planning offsite. We’ve got the top heritage hotels where a team offsite […]

10 Best Hotels to Conduct a Team Offsite in Uttarakhand

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Organisations invest a lot of efforts in finding the best venue to conduct a team offsite. Though, the organisations possess their own location preferences, but, there are few that are often overlooked. One such exotic location we recommend is Uttarakhand. Yes. There are a range of luxury hotels and resorts that prove to be the […]