Kamal BhardwajFacilitator

Kamal is a corporate trainer who believes in unconventional ways of training individuals. His sessions are extremely high at engagement and energy levels. He has delivered multiple seminars on various topics like goal setting, motivation, and self-awareness for hundreds of students and professionals.

He is passionate about helping people to break the monotony and find what they aspire. His passion made him leave his life as a hotelier and get into the training field. He shares his thoughts through his Youtube channel ‘Stop feeling Sorry’.

He is obsessive about biking and thrill that speed gets. On weekends, he goes for long rides with his partner (his superbike). With his iron butt and gifted voice, his gets his share of thrill from biking and singing undoubtedly!

TRAINER: He moves audiences to a charm with his humor.

BIKER: He can ride a bike at a stretch for longer than one can snore in bed!

CHATTER: You just say a hello, and the rest will be taken care of!

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Planning a Team outbound, is a tedious task. Lots of backend work involved, there is no time for you to experience the thrill. We want you to enjoy the outbound and give all the backend work to us. We don’t deliver training workshops, we deliver a “flawless experience.”

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