Virtual Hip Hop Challenge


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Hip Hop Challenge is one of the most trending music activities globally. The participants come together virtually to create their own team song/rap.

Learning Objectives:

  • To discover the inner hidden creative genius while creating a team song.
  • Learn the art of improvising and building up on the existing work – skill of improv.
  • Understand the importance of energy and synergy while working in a team.
  • To have fun creating your own team song with the right words.
  • Play on each other’s strengths while working towards a common goal.

The Activity

Participants are divided in teams and they are assigned a musical note of the “RAP” with a brief on how to create the RAP. The teams work in separate virtual breakout rooms and work on their stanza. In the end teams participate in the virtual RAP. (The facilitator will be with work with the teams to provide hints and clues to make an effective RAP)

Duration: 20 to 40 minutes

Number of Participants: 10 to 100 with one facilitator.

Trainer’s Role

  • Teaming: Divide the group into teams.
  • Briefing: Introduce the activity.
  • Song creation: The facilitator will be with work with the teams to provide hints and clues.
  • Performance: Teams give a thunderous virtual live performance.
  • Debrief: The trainer will allow the teams to share their experience of the activity.
  • Thank you.

Pack Contents

  • Two detailed pdf of the activity, scripts, debrief questions, watch-outs related to the activity, FAQs related to the activity.
  • 4 Power point presentation to run the activity for the participants.
  • Four different professionally made rap verses that can be used by the facilitator to run the program.
  • Four different rap beats that are sung by a professional rapper.

Extra Material to be Purchased

You would need to use virtual meeting platforms like Zoom, WebEx etc. (details mentioned in the document)



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