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Values Game Show is a self-run and ready to use Game Show quiz for Leaders or Managers to spark discussion around the company’s values in their teams, using any digital conferencing platform. It consists of 50 well-researched questions that spark conversations around Organisational Values.

Learning Objectives

  • To have discussions around Organisational Values.
  • To create a stronger connection between the team members.
  • To get to know each other’s personal values and empathise.
  • To learn how Organisational Values impact self, team, organisation, customer and society.
  • To live upto the Organisational Values in day to day working.

The Activity

Participants are divided in teams and they are welcomed to a Game Show on Values. They will be going through different questions on Organisational Values throughout the Game Show and they must discuss, debate and answer quickly to score a win. The team that answers the maximum number of questions wins the Value Game Show – ROOTS. The Game Show would reinforce the company values, and help everyone align to common behaviours that help an Organisation differentiate from its competitors. Because values are the ultimate edge over competition.

Duration: 20 to 40 minutes

Number of Participants: 10 to 100 with one facilitator.

Trainer’s Role

  • Teaming: Divide the group into teams.
  • Briefing: Introduce the activity and the rules of scoring.
  • Game Show: The facilitator will flash the questions on the screen and invite answers.
  • Scoring: Based on the evaluation, the facilitator will score teams and announce the winning team.
  • Debrief: The trainer will allow the teams to share their experience on Organisational and Personal Values.
  • Thank you.

Pack Contents

  • Power point presentation to run the activity for the participants, which consists of 50 questions divided into four categories.
    • Values from an individual’s perspective – 10 Questions
    • Values from a company’s perspective – 10 Questions
    • Values from a customer’s perspective – 10 Questions
    • Values towards society – 10 Questions
    • Let us talk about you – 10 Questions
  • Power point presentation on how to run the activity – virtually/classroom setup.

Extra Material to be Purchased

You would need to use virtual meeting platforms like Zoom, WebEx etc. if you are doing a virtual program; In case of a classroom setting, you would require a cluster seating arrangement along with projector, mic and sound.



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