Mighty Mountain Mission


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Tread your way through deep crevices, learn the ropes, spot the mystery creature, navigate through the map and summit the World’s highest mountain - Mt. Everest, with your team.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover how roles and responsibilities enable a team to win.
  • Pick up key behaviours that make your team succeed as a single unit.
  • Ascertain ingredients of team work while working towards a common goal.
  • Develop problem solving skills to achieve the final outcome.
  • Have fun with your team, network and connect.

The Activity

You belong to a newly formed country Rolato near the Atlantic with a population of a few thousands. Fortunately or unfortunately, no one from your country has ever summited Mt. Everest successfully, which is regarded as one of the most dangerous places on the planet! An idea strikes your mind – Why not climb Everest? Experience the grandeur of Everest through densely populated cities of Nepal to the peak of Everest at a height of 29,029 ft. The activity consists of a combination of escape puzzles and experiential challenges that make it a thrilling high energy escape room.

Duration: 45 – 60 min

Number of Participants: 5 – 3000 participants

Trainer’s Role

  • Teaming: Divide the group into teams.
  • Briefing: Introduce the activity.
  • Kit Distribution: Handover the kits to each table and let them know the timelines.
  • Debrief: The trainer will allow the teams to share their experience of the activity.
  • Thank you.

Pack Contents

  • Mountain Mission_GamePlay.pptx – Print it for as many teams as you plan.
  • Mountain Mission_Solutions.pptx – Trainer can share the solutions on the screen or check it at the end and award the winning team.
  • Trainer’s Notes.docx – Extra notes outlining how to run the activity.

Extra Material to be purchased (No material will be shipped):

01 Scissor, 01 stapler, 01 glue stick, 02 pens for each team.

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