Escape the Evil Eye


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A spine-chilling employee engagement escape room to add a zing to your team get-togethers - crack codes, solve escape puzzles and win as a team.

Learning Objectives

  • To work in a team to achieve a common objective.
  • Experience collaborative problem solving while going through escape challenges.
  • Learn to work in a time bound challenge and deliver quick results.
  • Network and bond with others to get things done.
  • Have great fun while working together.

The Activity

Participants are a part of the famous squad of Ghost Hunters. After unravelling and hunting deadly ghosts in haunted places like The Castle of Brissac, Dragsholm Slot in Denmark and Ancient Ram Inn, England, the teams receive a confidential letter from Princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh in India. The mission is to save the city of Bhangarh from deadly curses. Use your skills to crack codes and work as a team to complete the mission.

Duration: 30 min

Number of Participants: 5 – 3000 participants

Trainer’s Role

  • Teaming: Divide the group into teams.
  • Briefing: Introduce the activity.
  • Kit Distribution: Handover the kits to each table and let them know the timelines.
  • Debrief: The trainer will allow the teams to share their experience of the activity.
  • Thank you.

Pack Contents

  • Evil Eye.pptx: Print it for as many teams as you plan.
  • Evil Eye Solution.pptx: Trainer can share the solutions on the screen or check it at the end and award the winning team.

Extra Material to be purchased (No material will be shipped): 01 Scissor, 01 stapler, 02 pens for each team.

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