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Idea Ring is an experiential activity that can drive discussions around mindset change and the importance of innovation in everyday life.

Learning Objectives

  • To create a culture of innovation at workplace.
  • To overcome SILO thinking and work as a team.
  • To understand the significance of accepting change.
  • To discuss the importance of continuous improvement.

The Activity

The Idea Ring highlights the importance of mindset change in everyday working style. It’s an activity that involves less of logistics and works wonderfully well. During this activity, the learning & reflections around innovative mindset come out very strongly and make it easier for the trainer to connect the learning with the workplace.

Duration: 60 minutes

Number of Participants: 10 to 60 with one facilitator.

Trainer’s Role

  • Introduce the activity.
  • Divide participants into smaller groups.
  • Do the activity briefing.
  • Handover the equipment to the participants.
  • Decide the timeline.
  • Debrief: The trainer will allow the teams to share their experience of the activity and summarise the learning.
  • Thank you.

Pack Contents

  • Program On Creativity and Innovation.docx: One detailed pdf of the activity, scripts, debrief questions, the relevant debrief model to structure the debrief, stories from different industries for discussions and FAQ’s related to the activity.
  • Important Watch Outs.docx: Detailed pdf related regarding the watch-outs for the activity. Activity Briefing.docx, Activity Secrets.docx: Documents for some common methods used across globe for completing this activity.
  • Idea Ring Challenge_Deck.pptxPowerpoint presentation for conducting this activity for the participants.
    Videos: Professionally made 3 explainer videos which will help you to understand and conduct this activity to perfection.

Extra Material to be purchased (No material will be shipped):

Hula hoops for the activity as per the number of teams. Links for purchasing them and quality-related information are available in the documents.

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