TAKE OFF: Engaging Induction Workshops

TAKE OFF is a signature program which blends with your Induction agenda and makes it special for the New Joiners.

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ADAPT: Change Management Workshops

ADAPT is a signature workshop which helps Teams break free from past conditioning and infuses fresh thoughts through a blend of experiential activities.

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UNITE: Team Building Experiences

Family that eats together stays together, and the team that plays together stays together.
Leverage the power of play with UNITE, a signature team building workshop which delivers lasting Results.

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DEEP DIVE: Intensive Team Interventions

This workshop is emotionally taxing but guarantees powerful behavioral results.

DEEP DIVE is an immersive team experience to regroup, restrategize and revitalize.

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GROUNDED: New Manager’s Training

Don’t leave the future of your Organization on chance, instead follow a framework which works. GROUNDED is an intensive workshop for new managers to learn the art of Managing UP, DOWN and SIDEWAYS.

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EVERY DAY LEADERSHIP: Elementary Leadership Workshops

Everyday Leadership is about the trinity of Leadership
Extreme Ownership,
Self Management, and
Emotional Intelligence.
When individuals go beyond Titles they become Leaders.

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STEP UP: Executive Leadership Interventions

STEP UP is a leadership challenge which will test your Leadership team to its limits.
Leadership challenge takes you on a journey of
Finding your Mojo,
Crafting your Big Why, and
Developing Leaders.

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Color your Conference with love through “Make a Difference” Activities, which make real impact to people’s lives.

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Planning a Team outbound, is a tedious task. Lots of backend work involved, there is no time for you to experience the thrill. We want you to enjoy the outbound and give all the backend work to us. We don’t deliver training workshops, we deliver a “flawless experience.”

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