Multifaceted HR Professionals can influence the OD

“Talent is the key to an Organization’s Success. Be a master of Talent to unlock the door of Success not only for Organization but also for you. “

Q. Tips for a Budding HR Professional.

Be realistic in terms of learning and its approach. HR is all about Humans and their emotions. The better you understand, more flavor you can add on into it. When you are going to kick start your career in HR, start working on your area of interest. It will help you a lot.

When I entered into Job Market after completion of B. Tech in 2010 as an Electrical Engineer in Manufacturing & Infrastructure Industries, one thing I have experienced is, whatever field you work, it’s all about People and Solutions. Sooner you address it, better will be the result for you and organization wherever you are working.

Being HR Professional, first understand Talent, Target Market and correlate it with your passion. You will never regret in your Career.

Q. Your Personal Achievement as an HR Professional.

After Off -Campus hiring in 2016, I started my career as Full Fledged HR in Corporate in Mumbai, where my learning has been enhanced from Campus to Leadership Hiring not limited to India but for Overseas specifically in MENA, APAC & Africa Regions.

Cultural Shift & Adept were my major challenges that I successfully overcame during my tenure in Afcons.

If you want to be successful in any field, one mantra will work for you. “To address any issue, First fall in love with it and then only you can easily find many alternatives to resolve it.”

From nowhere to somewhere in HR field is my achievement. I love writing blogs, quotes and articles in social media platform specifically in LinkedIn to engage with audience and know their opinions about many issues from Social to Organizational under #SatyaViews. 

The responses that I receive as an HR Professional, specifically for #corporatefact are overwhelming to me. Building new business in new geographical region by providing on time adequate Manpower be it in India or Overseas in 5 no. of locations are a few of my achievements till date.

Another significant contribution I would like to mention here, when I Joined Tata Projects Limited in April 2018,  my first assignment was to mobilize manpower for “ Mumbai Trans Harbor Sea Link Project “ , one of the Most Prestigious Projects for Tata Projects.

At that time, it was in an initial stage and also the first Marine Project for my assigned Business. Starting from 21 to 191 till now in record time with more than 94% Interviews to Selection Ratio and close to 96% Offers to on boarding ratio are another achievement which I will cherish in my professional career.

Q. How can HR contribute strategically to the Organization?

HR is no more working as a Support Function, now it is working more strategically towards Organization Growth.  When we as HR will start talking Business Language, then only Business will buy our Opinion / Suggestion. 

As HR Professionals, we need to understand basic financial accounting principles, digital marketing as well as our recent trends in HR. Although you think it sounds crazy, but actually you need it at some point in HR Career.

Policy that works for other organization, it may not work for you. In my view, we have to work on the following areas strategically for Business Profitability.

a. Design employee friendly HR Policies in line with statutory governance.

b. Focus on Work Management rather than Time Management.

c. Focus on Low Hanging Fruit i.e., Less Efforts & High Impact Issues of Organization. It will build trust for HR in front of Business.

d. Keep an eye over your Country’s Economy and Policy Formulation. Recheck your Annual HR Plan with Business. Don’t step your feet back to take harsh decision if it is required.

e.  Share your Suggestions with SMART Principle supported by Facts & Figures.

f. Focus on Millennials who will be Industry Leaders in 2-5 years down the line to handle key positions. 

At the same time, create a Perfect Mix of Baby Boomers, Gen X & Millennials by considering Capability Only. Again, as Gen Z is entering into Job Market, formulate strategy to utilize these resources in proper way so that organization equilibrium will be maintained.

g. Let your decision speak your Result not your Words. Although it is difficult for us many times to defy Top Management regarding certain decisions, follow an Evidence Based Approach. It will help you One Day for Sure.

Q. Which is the One HR Practice that has always worked for you as HR Professional?

 “A 5 Min. Conversation will not cost more but it will pay you off in many ways. “ It is not limited to Recruitment purpose it even plays an impact in Complete Employee Life Cycle after exit too. It’s my practice from the starting of career.

There are many employees who have worked with me in 3 different organizations. It’s the power of People Connect. Employees after leaving are still in touch with me. 

Networking is such a powerful tool in Talent Market, even it works much faster than any HRIS. While discussing with colleagues from other organization, you will come to know many things what works for them, what not. Accordingly, you can tone your voice and work in that direction and create your own approach which will be unique in nature.

Q. Do you think Experiential Learning is helpful?

When you are implementing your theoretical knowledge in practical field, you can easily gauge the gap between these two learning process. It’s all about Experiential Learning Process. It is applicable in each stage of our Professional Career. 

People remember more because they learn from their mistakes which turn into experiences. It’s not only important from Learning Aspect but also from Engagement Point of View.

Sharing one experience: – Being a TA Professional, you need to understand Compensation & Statutory Provision very thoroughly, otherwise will be at losing side during hiring.

Although we have studied all these things from different sources during MBA Days, but a few times during Salary Negotiations we are puzzled because we search the key words that are written in books and not those which are clearly mentioned in different clauses of Offer & Appointment Letter.

Q. How do you create a buy-in for trainings at workplace?

There are 3 Golden Rules which will help us to create a buy-in for trainings at workplace.

Appreciate the Change to Change: Identify the shift in Trends and Customize training programs as per your Business Requirement

Know what Business Wants: Business always asks about ROI which may be quantitative or qualitative in terms of timelines. You need to familiarize yourself with Organization’s Strategic Goals & create awareness among employees from time to time about them. Then only employees will accept the Training Objectives and which in turn helps organization’s growth and profitability.

Do you have Plan B?: There are many instances when management may not accept your plan and its objectives at one shot. In that case, Plan B works because it will not only show your preparedness for training program but also the character to make project success. 

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