Measure the Post training impacts numerically

Q. Tips for a budding L&D/HR professional?

As a HR professional I have believed in 3 mantras- Available, Attentive & Reliable. My suggestions to a budding Hr professionals is to believe themselves as a person and look at HR as a service not work.

Q. Your personal achievement as an HR professional?

Once I remember I got a call from an employee’s wife and was thanked for the promotion he got. Though I had nothing much to do about his promotion but being able to spot a Talent, motivate him to keep doing better and then giving a fair platform for him to be evaluated is what I felt was the right thing to do.

I hold this close as a personal achievement. Apart from this being awarded an HR professional of the Year 2019 by Genius HR Excellence Awards, getting CEO awards  for HR Contribution, but that call still holds a place close to my heart.

Q. How can an HR/L&D contribute strategically to the organization?

I believe HR can only contribute strategically to the organization by keeping it’s people at fore front.

Contributions of an HR in an organisation:

  • People Plan
  • Talent Plan
  • Expansion Plan
  • Growth Booster
  • Fighting Redundancy and Bottom Boxers

Q. One HR/L&D practice that has always worked for you as an HR.

Apart from my 3 mantars, understanding the business will do the magic.

Few days back while planning 2021 business map I was called in for the planning meet and it’s was a 3 day 3 zones plan meet. I was not able to understand the business lingo and add value to the discussion I would have been only at the receiving part of the information but being there with my business understanding I could add at least 2 sales expansion project which if executed well will boost sales by 5%.

Q.  Do you think experiential learning is more impactful? Give an example.

Yes, if delivered in a way people really experience. Rural Teams with their type of examples and urban teams getting to know solutions of their type of problems helps a lot. For instance,  When I had to teach organisational  values to my field force I used stories from field which depicted those values and the learning spread like fire and message delivered loud and clear.

Q. How do you create a buy-in for training at workplace?

By having a clear impact area and ability to measure the impacts post training numerically.

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