Leadership Development Programs: FAQs

How to design Leadership Workshops?

What is the Difference between Traditional and Modern Leadership

The concept of a “being a leader is very fascinating” and hence, there are numerous descriptions on the internet. The journey from a being a regular being to a leader requires consistent upgradation and self-training. It’s no surprise that Leadership Development Programs play a major role in practical implementation of leadership practices and learnings.

As an HR professional of an organization, it is cumbersome to design Leadership Workshops for a senior team of the firm due to obvious reasons. Some of the consider-worthy tips are listed below:


  1. Experiential workshop > Theoretical workshop:
    Experience lasts longer than presentations and texts. For better results end the experiences with an impactful discussion on implementations on the learnings. Add relatable and real-time examples in the debrief sessions.
  2. Mix of indoor and outdoor activities:
    Right parity between indoor and outdoor activities of the workshop builds up enthusiasm among the leaders and hence, keeps them glued to the training interventions.
  3. Include Assessments:
    An individual is always interested in knowing him/herself and others in the team. Assessments allow deeper understanding of different characteristics and working styles of an individual as well as the team, resulting in focus on the strengths and shortcomings for achieving organizational goals.

Top 4 Popular Leadership Workshops for Leaders

  1. Cross-Cultural Sensitivity Workshop: Leaders play a crucial role in turning cultural differences into strengths. The effectively designed workshop enables understanding and implementation of flexible ways of leading business, political and office environments across the cultures.
  2. Storytelling Workshop: According to Forbes, Story telling is a complementary tool for vision-sharing, communicating the goals, discussing shortcomings with the team. The workshop is drafted with Leadership Games that explained the concept, tools and execute story telling skills at workplace.
  3. Improv Training: Improv is an amazing tool for leaders to win hearts and turn difficult situations around. The training includes 3 major topics including unlearning and learning communication, taking initiative and tackling uncomfortable situations.
  4. Emotional Intelligence Training: Emotional Intelligence takes a soft-spot when it comes to leadership. Leadership Games on EI consists of intelligent mix activities that inculcates empathy, effective communicating skills and relationship management into leaders.

Best Outdoor Leadership Team Building Activities

Local Flavours Challenge is all about expanding your horizon of learning; getting to experience the traditions, culture, delicacies, and dishes straight from the locals. It is the best outdoor Experiential Leadership Workshop for leadership teams. The activity brings out the situational leaders with chance to ameliorate their knowledge, teamwork skills, communication skills, etc. Besides, being an outdoor activity, this has positive and direct impact on physical health too. Local Flavours Challenge is always the right choice!

Leadership Team Building Activities for Networking

Setting up a commonly valuable association with different businessmen and potential customers and additionally clients is vital for any professional. However, how many times have you thought about making networking interesting and fun. Few of the effective leadership activities that help build or understand the importance of strong networking:


  1. Beer Olympics: The Beer Olympics challenge is all about making stronger bonds and connections with the team members. It is a casual team building event that involves beer at every challenge. Why beer? Because we have seen people networking better over beer. The idea is simple, Leaders loosen up among like-minded people and learn new insights from others.
  2. Mixology Challenge: Mixology challenge is an interesting networking activity organised by The Thought Bulb. It acts as a catalyst for first-time communication. Here, interesting roles are assigned to the team members; bartender, chopper, mixer, etc. Well, this does not end here; the team of leaders are required to earn the ingredients from the auction which really needs a lot of good networking. The mocktails or the cocktails are later judged and awarded.
  3. Networking over wine: This set-up is ideal during evenings and entirely focused on networking. It is a very light intervention for leaders to experience wine tasting along with other elements of wine like appearance, aroma, flavour etc. No doubt, the leaders are coming out with a unique and unusual experience.

Leadership Team Building Activities for Personal Grooming

Which are the 10 Leadership Styles

An individual’s image is a significant piece of an individual’s career. Leadership is about building connections, credibility, authenticity, and confidence. Personal Grooming often takes last seat in Leadership Training Needs. The Thought Bulb offers customised training solutions that are mentioned briefly:


  1. Executive Presence workshop: EP bridges the gap between average leader and an extraordinary leader. The idea of the workshop is to infuse confidence, credibility and influencing methods. The activities designed gives 360 degree makeover to the executives on mindset, communication, personality and actions.
  2. Personal Branding Workshop: Leaders come with a personality and as an HR professional, it becomes critical to buy the leaders in for a personal branding workshop. The meat of this intervention lies in understanding the “why” behind the concept. The session is divided into 2 halves, first one focusing on the type of leader one perceives him/herself as and the second one on execution of related techniques at workplace.

How to make your leaders Go Beyond?

What are the Five Leadership Practices

Leaders come across numerous difficult circumstances in their journey, which includes a demotivated team, low profit scale, changes in the market, conflict of business ideas etc. It is evident that morale gets affected under these situations. The below mentioned sessions are ideal to revitalize self-belief and “Go Beyond” fears of life.

  1. The Fire-walk Challenge: As the name suggests, this challenge includes walk on real fire! Sounds scary and that’s all the activity is about. For leaders it is not possible to avoid difficult situations, but it is possible to train their minds to “ Go Beyond” any situation and any fear!
  2. The Hercules Team Challenge: The Hercules team challenge is a three-stage set up with board breaking, glass walking and rod bending one after another. These tools play a part of metaphor in challenging leaders’ mental limits one by one. This is one of the most popular leadership team building activities.

Safety is given utmost preference during these interventions.

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