Leadership Lessons From Everest

Every single step on Everest is a choice between life and death. The circumstances are not in your control, and with every breath of yours, you are chanting to make it to the top safely. Summiting Everest teaches a lot about life. Some of those lessons can easily be adapted to inculcate leadership qualities.

1. Setting Big Goals: If your goals don’t scare you, then are they even worth working hard for? You have to decide what will your team’s Everest, and then toil hard to achieve it.

2. Planning is everything: Planning is good; over-planning is great. Knowing what your plan is, what needs to be packed, and what the right equipment is, will set you on the right path. It is important to prepare a list of all these things, and then check them off before starting the journey.

3. Teamwork: Achieving a big goal takes more than one individual. Prepare a team who is by your side at all times. Be it the sales team, operations team, or the backend team; the combined effort of everyone is very crucial.

4. Patience is a virtue: Success does not come overnight. Be it summiting Everest, or making a multi-billion dollar company, both of them take years of work and planning. In such cases, patience is what will keep you in the game and focused on your goal.

5. Sacrifices will be made: A super big project will require everyone’s time and concentration. In such scenarios. Many employees have to end up making personal sacrifices as well. But without these sacrifices achieving the end goal won’t be possible as well.  

6. Unexpected scenarios: Equipment malfunction, unannounced storms, and greater competition, these are some of the unexpected things that can happen while summiting. Being prepared for these worst-case scenarios will always work in your favour.

7. Play to your strengths: When a crisis happens it is important for everyone to play to their strengths. Only when people are at their best, can a situation be resolved in the shortest amount of time.

8. Don’t forget to celebrate: The journey to the top is very long. Along the way, we can easily end up forgetting the small achievements. It is necessary that we celebrate them and even recognise the work of the amazing team that you have. Such celebrations motivate the employees to keep giving their best and think about the bigger goal instead of individual goals.

At Thought Bulb, we believe in helping you build better teams. To give the same experience to your teams and understand the concept of leadership, we have just the right activity for you. Our Everest Challenge can help you explore the horizons of leadership and teamwork in a fun-filled way.

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