IT is the New Frontier for HR

For the past few decade since the Indian economy has opened up and the world has become a smaller place to live in. The country has become now host to many MNCs. With this come a diverse workforce with gender diversity, cultural diversity, regional diversity etc… The message has been very clear to the management that the these diverse people are companies biggest resource. But now it seems just being asset is not enough. With competition rising and business environment  getting more and more demanding, it is now more about the quality of a resource rather than the quantity. Companies are focusing on the ROI from their investment. Productivity improvements and better ways of working has become the order of the hour.

Information technology and data plays a vital role in today’s world and has become a power tool for many walks of life and business.

Some of the biggest companies in the world are those who have data. One area where data can really make a difference is in making human resource more efficient, agile, future ready and at the same time have an organisational culture which is more welcoming to change and is empathetic to diversity. It is important that we people are connected and data flows freely in a company making it a powerful tool for employees to use and with deployment of IT infrastructure like cloud network, data management software this is becoming a possibility .

Imagine a workplace where boundaries and office wall don’t exist. Employees can work from anywhere, they can spend more quality time with their family and still be more productive in work. Every document, data and work system is online all the time, be it the financial module, customer data, market data or sales data.

An employee sitting in front of the customer does not have to call upon his support staff to check for data as it is in front of him on his tablet. She/he will be better prepared with data while closing a sales deal and this will indeed increase company and its representatives good perception and credibility in front of customers.

The accounts guy does not always have to come to the office to access his files or work on MIS as they travel with him all the time. The HR team knows all the time the wellbeing of employees and the admin team can service better travel and hotel bookings. From business continuity to cost cutting initiatives become more fruitful more effective as there is data and IT infrastructure to support.

With the help of technological changes, companies rather than hiring more and more people will start giving more opportunity to the existing resources enabling them to learn new things, multitask, be more independent, responsible and accountable for their work which will eventually help the company define a clear career path for its employees. IT and IT infrastructure is the next best investment companies can do for their business and human resources.

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