Invest in transforming Human Resources into Human Assets

Q. Whose responsibility is it to drive learning in the organization and why?

I believe the ownership is with an individual to drive his/her own growth and learning-An organization can certainly channelize the path but an individual should be serious about his/her own growth as organizations cannot spoon feed them.

Q. How do you inspire your leaders to undertake a training program?

When we talk about the long term outcomes along with the positives of a program, one tends to accept and be a part of it as it gives an individual development. Moreover, it is about an individual Interest, of how one tends to shape up his/her career and for that a Career Development Road Map is must which can actually create that interest for them.

Q. How do you create a buy-in for training at workplace?

Our focus is on individual growth and I assume that timely Learning and development Programs are well customized and designed to meet the current needs as well as cater to the future aspects of an individual seeking long term growth.

Q. How can an HR professional contribute strategically to an organization?

Human Resource is a key significant function for any organization. Apparently, it is always under estimated as organizations focus only on business revenue generating teams; however they tend to forget that the base of an organization is with Human Resources and they can make it or break it for them. Hence, an HR professional is all accountable for the growth of any individual and an organization. Appraisal form is a perfect example where an HR gets to know an individual’s interest and aspiration and accordingly they plan a road map for them.

Q. Your personal achievement as an HR professional?

Human resource domain has given me an ample experience in different domains working with different industries, to meet their expectations, working in different geographies and different mind sets. There is a good exposure and Learning if you are a part of this domain, only if you bring Human into Human resource. Rest everything is AI.

Q. What do you think about experiential training and its impact on employees?

Experiential Learning is all about an investment, an organization tends to do for its employees, as they forecast a long term relationship with them. They see them as future pillars of their growth and success. Even if an employee is not retained, at least their individual growth and learnings from that organization always adds a value to their careers.

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