Impress your Colleagues during Virtual Team Meets

Keep your cameras on!

Last year businesses had to suspend office operations and move to virtual ways of working. While some were already used to this type of work, some got used to it eventually and few others had to work harder to cope with the new reality of working in the corporate world.

Regardless of your work styles and domain, you need a social life and active communication with people outside your usual realm of life. Humans by nature have a primary need to belong. Even before the outbreak of COVID-19, the remote environment was not conducive to building relationships among co-workers and we would go out to meet people believing that the most successful businesses are run through real, authentic human connections.

As many of us continue working remotely and navigating through remote work culture, I’m sharing few lessons on effective team building while making great impressions in all your interactions.

Look at the Camera:-  If you make an effort to look directly into the camera when you’re speaking or listening to someone else speak, the other participants in your meeting will perceive that you are making eye contact and are fully engaged in what is going on. Just seeing someone’s face leads to brain changes fostering better interactions. Try practising “mutual gazing” by maintaining eye contact with the speaker. That increases oxytocin, the trust-and-bonding hormone.

Being Vulnerable: – When you show your real self, others are prone to follow suit. People are more likely to interact and seek your attention if you are open about your interests within the realm of business. This would lead to a better team comrade at all levels. 

Schmooze or lose: – Virtual team interactions mostly tend to get right down to the business and skip the human factor whether that’s by email or virtual conference. But research shows that even five minutes of non-business-related conversation can set the team on a much more positive, productive course.

Build Trust: – Trust is literally everything. Investing time and effort in building trust is often the most important way to creating not just great impressions but also for building great relationships at work.

Be proactively Inclusive: – When people feel respected and valued they listen to you and acknowledge your presence.

Be proactively Inclusive: – When people feel respected and valued they listen to you and acknowledge your presence.

Top Tip: If you record your meetings, try watching the replay to see if you can give yourself any pointers to improve on for next time.

Team Building sessions are very effective to embark an impression. Check out amazing team activities by Thought Bulb. We have learned all the afore-mentioned tricks and tips from our trending Virtual Programs:

Mission Moon lander– Lead your team to an exciting mission of conducting experiments on the moon. Handle difficult situations and team conflicts along your way and build a strong team for the mission.

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At Thought Bulb we conduct training programs with an objective to keep team building activities fun and interesting in a remote environment. The programs are designed to support businesses in developing robust and successful virtual teams.

Good Luck!

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