HR Professionals and Employees must work in tandem to achieve the organizational goals

a) Tips for a budding L&D/HR professional?

A HR professional is supposed to create a notion of Unitarism where an employer & employee should work in the same direction for a common good. It might be the biggest challenge for Human Resource team in the industry. Being an HR professional & spending more than 15 years in the industry, the one stop solution which clicks to my mind at first is making a connect with the team.

b) How can you upskill?

Team connect becomes easy if you have created a platform for it. For example, in one of the movies, a newly hired manager removes the door of his cabin. The removal of door was not an architectural correction but creating a sense among the team of approachability.

c) How can an HR/L&D contribute strategically to the organisation?

My idea of team connect is learning about an individual professionally as well as personally. A team connect comes more with listening than talking. Of course, you must be approachable for someone to talk to you. Being approachable is not about the expressions at face but how you act in your daily life. For example, my 3-year-old daughter rushes to me whenever I reach home after office just because I love her & I express the same with open arms. Here, open arms are an act of expression for my daughter in daily life that she matters to me a lot. In the same manner, one must create such an aura about self which should trigger others.

d) How do you create a buy-in for training at workplace?

In one of my past experiences in an organization, we in Learning & Development team used to do one to one session for training batches & observed that the environment of the room changed after these sessions. Participants became more responsive & the message we delivered created more impact. In one of the organizations, I used to deliver training programs for the telephonic sales staff in a bank which was a relationship management unit.

There was a sudden change in the upper leadership & major changes were created in the various process flows. One of the major changes was the update of interaction in CRM which became more time consuming now & employees started feeling that it would impact their performance because they would get less time to make phone calls & pitch for sales.

The idea of change by management was to improve the quality of interactions with customers by reviewing previous interactions (only if properly documented) & relating to today’s discussions with the past discussions. Employees were only able to take the change happily & effectively once they understood the importance of creating a database of interactions & importance of CRM tool.

At the concluding note, an L&D/HR is a building foundation of an organization. Nothing we do is more important than Hiring & Developing people.

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