HR is the sowing seed for constant development of employees through innovative ways.

Q. Tips for a budding L&D/HR professional?

I see HR not as a role but as a “purpose to be able to transform human lives”. People around you confide in you, trust you and look up to your advice & support, now this credibility needs to be EARNED over years of service, not demanded or forced! 

Everyone is unique in their talent & as one grows to discover their own niche competence on their journey, the intent is all that matters. If you have the right intent and compassion to contribute towards uplifting people, you don’t need anybody to certify you as the ideal professional. 

Nothing beats Integrity & Compassion

Q. To what extent an employee’s performance is dependent on the manager?

Gone are the days when people needed to be managed. People & their energies need to be influenced positively. It’s about having the right mindset in your people. Coaching needs deeper understanding of mindsets, behaviors, values & beliefs to be able to nurture and condition the mindset towards growth.

Seeing the right direction at the right time is what everyone needs on their journey of success. Individual performance is based on one’s own perseverance, focus & commitment but is also hugely driven by an effective transformative Coach, not a Manager. 

Q. How can an HR/L&D contribute strategically to the organization?

Any Transformation or Automation – be it Digital / Business / Global is not possible without Human Potential.  HR, L&D is the only dedicated force sowing the seeds of constant human development through innovative ways of learning & on the job preparedness for future by identifying the skills and roles & develop the desired capabilities that people will have to be ready to deliver by being highly Agile & Powerful contributors in times to come. 

Q. One HR/L&D practice that has always worked for you as an HR.

In my entire career so far, the only way I have seen people effectively growing is when you truly hand-hold them by walking the journey together. HR is often perceived as “the jazz givers” but I firmly believe to “Be The One Who Breaks the Chain” I have always tried showing my people & stakeholders “the how” and not just “the what” on any given path.  By walking along on “the how” not only you build trust in your people but you are also ensuring you’re on the ground for success not just at the top for reviews! 

Q. Do you think robots can replace HR/L&D professionals in the coming decade?

Like i said, any automation or transformation is not possible without Human Potential. While Robotics and Artificial Intelligence may change a lot of things that are manually done today, but to be able to drive constant success and preparing for <what’s next>, human intelligence will be needed at every stage to analyse, design, develop & implement. The need of the hour of Organisations is to upskill their people for driving automation & dealing with technology disruptions to come. 

Q. How do you create a buy-in for trainings at workplace?

The only thing that will never be same & constant ever is Time & Change! If one needs to be with the changing times, one needs to be highly agile to mould themselves & constantly grow for good. Learning is a mindset for continuous improvement, training is a tool to feed that mindset. 

Focus on the mindset and design tools that best allow people to grab & grow continuously. “the what” most of the Business Leads will know, “the how” comes as a natural outcome in the process, but “the why & when” needs to be constantly reviewed and planned with business thus having structured learning roadmaps for their teams. 

Q. Your personal achievement as an HR professional?

Being able to break the chain while dealing with mindsets & able to transform people’s lives by being there to encourage, support and inspire at all times and witnessing their growth is the highest sense of fulfilment in my role. When people trust you enough to be openly vulnerable and express their true emotions and beliefs, you’ve learnt to be a human. 

I work with energies in people and it allows me to heal and get healed by building stronger deeper connections. It’s not so easy as it sounds, but once you learn it, you will realize that

All that we need is a human touch to transform for better.

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