How to be the Best Secret Santa ever?

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is round the corner and so is the shopping list. It gets more confusing and complicated when you have to buy Christmas gifts for you colleagues, friends and family members. Secret Santa is a fun way to make someone feel special and bring a smile on their faces. However, this year, let’s make it special for people who certainly deserve a gift. How often have we thought that the people we buy gifts for, do they really need one? Christmas is all about love and sharing and it is a festival for all of us and Secret Santa must not be choosy about people. Let’s make this Christmas special in following special ways:

Warm up the strays

You don’t have to be an ardent animal lover for this one. It is freezing cold out there and it’s equally heart breaking to see the strays shiver, at times even die because of the excruciating cold. There cannot be anything more rewarding than buying some blankets for the strays and treat them with some warm milk or eggs or anything that you think they might like. They will love and guard you for years to come.

Help the needy

You know your help needs warm clothes for his/her mother or books for her children; why not buy stuff for her or the kids on his/her behalf? Drop an anonymous gift at their doorstep or order one online. Buy grocery for someone you know who needs it. Make this Christmas a happy one. There can’t be anything more satisfying than this and not to forget those blessings.


You have been spending thousands on your Christmas and New Year preparations and  parties. An LBD (little black dress) can wait a little but not those innocents at the orphanages or the old-age homes or an animal shelter. We are not asking you to donate money, but you can always buy warm clothes, blankets, medicines, stationery, grocery, vegetables, etc. and donate.

Throw a surprise party

Gather all the kids you know from your neighbourhood to the needy ones. Dress up like Santa and distribute gifts like pencils, chocolates, candies, notebooks, story books, etc. the ideas are endless; you only need to broaden your heart. There’s nothing which can brighten your Christmas more than the beaming kids.

Make the dream come true

What else can be a better time to fulfil the dream of your loved ones? If your loved ones or someone special have/ has been planning something for a long time, it is the right time to surprise them/ him/ her with their dream gift or at least something that will take them closer to their dream. Don’t forget, Christmas is all about love and sharing!

Do NOT let an opportunity to help others go waste; Grab it and show them that love and compassion still exist. There’s nothing more satisfying than bringing smile to others’ faces. If it’s your Christmas, it’s theirs too.

Merry Christmas!

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