How Beer Conversations can take your team building skills to another level?


We stepped into 2020, another leap year and the year of Olympics again. Hurray!!! Olympics have always rejuvenated the spirits of the world community. Olympics are the only sporting event that unite individuals despite being strangers and compete against each other while upholding the sportsmanship.

Organizations have failed miserably in building an open organizational culture in order to form great teams. Despite holding corporate trainings, one-on-ones to break the ice, conducting regular indoor and outdoor team building workshops; managers and group heads found it really tough to have unity in teams. It has been often noticed that professionals from various industries open up in external environment more than while being in their office atmosphere. A predominantly successful activity for team building is initiating conversations while providing liquid refreshments.

Beer conversations have picked up well in many companies, globally.

To hear what they wish to convey

Team Leaders, Project Managers and the heads of PMOs must create an environment for the members of their teams, either indoors or outdoors, to vent their frustrations or agonies out, fearlessly. No employee can open up about his/her work culture, reporting managers or their employer, while being fully alert and conscious. In such scenarios, it is ideal to have an open bar with all permissions taken to hold some informal meetings or discussions with teams.

Ensure that the exercise is genuine

Make these beer conversations a genuine exercise you wished to initiate to help them, eventually. Annual hikes, quarterly awards and some exciting outings can delight any average employee but they are not a permanent solution to your prevailing woes like growing attrition, demotivated team members and dearth of true leaders who take the ownership of projects.

If your employees feel that you are initiating sincere efforts to pull them out of their frozen mindsets and also are convinced once they understand where you are coming from, you will hit a jackpot.

Takeaways from Beer Conversations

Don’t shy away from displaying your benevolent side to your employees. It is not important for you to remember the name of each client whereas if an employee is called out by his/her name, that can open the doors for you to unlock their troubled minds.

Don’t hesitate to pass on a glass of beer to each of them who joined the conversation.

Go all out to make the atmosphere merry. While trying to strike interesting conversations with them, be mindful of not hurting anybody’s faith or personal sentiments. Respect everyone’s beliefs in faith and culture. If you fail here, you can never dream of doing a repeat of such exercises in future and it can be harmful for the corporate team building.

It is very significant to remember that all your efforts of initiating these exercises are aimed at connecting with your workforce emotionally and understanding their pain points. So, it may happen that you could witness some surprises and shocking revelations too. You can consider yourself successful if you gain the following at the end of such events:

  • Fearless talks about employer
  • Demanding some sops and rewards
  • Suggesting some Change management
  • Demanding Career growth

Successful Beer Conversations can pave way to initiating and executing genuine reforms at various levels of an organization. Many must have heard of Beer Olympics which have become popular worldwide for their team spirit, sportsmanship and recognition to all those participated wholeheartedly.


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