Employees are company’s best asset! HRs face challenges in their engagement, training and development. These super handy e-books come to your rescue and open a world of expert advices that makes your work-life easy! What are you waiting for? Go download!!


First-Time Managers Handbook

This e-book is our way of congratulating you on your success. First-time manager guide will replace all your doubts and fear with confidence and clarity. Download and welcome your new role.


10 minutes to an awesome Induction Program

Hiring a new talent is not enough. Setting the right expectations, aligning the values and sharing a common vision is! Welcome new employees with out of the box ideas with just one click on download!


Insanely Successful Guide to a Hi-Po Dev Program

Aspiring for 10X results in your firm? Download this book to identify and develop hi-pos at workplace. It will guide you on right engagement of hi-pos and reduce employee attrition for better business results.

Crash Course in Planning A Remarkable Outbound Program E-book

Crash Course in Planning A Remarkable Outbound Program

Want to plan a perfect Team Outbound? This E-book is one-time solution for all your question. Take up our Crash-course from expert trainers and gift your team a remarkable Team Outbound!!

Ultimate Guide To Employee Motivation E-book

Ultimate Guide To Employee Motivation

Is your teams’ motivation impacting their productivity? Boost your Teams’ morale and crack the code to their motivation. Download this guide and inspire your team to reach their ultimate goal.


Free Downloadable Team Building Activities

  1. Wonder Robo Challenge: Participants build a fully-functional Robot that can perform exciting tasks like racing, playing soccer and transporting clues to win the ultimate battle.

  2. War Machine Challenge: Teams battle against each other to win over kingdoms in a series of challenges, using their self-constructed war machines.

  3. Vision Board Challenge: Vision board is a powerful activity with an objective to express oneself to the team. Participants create their own vision board depicting their values, goals and persona. Using visual elements they reconnect with their inner self.

  4. The Throne Challenge: Participants battle it out in a face-off to build furniture items by understanding the ever-changing Customer’s needs.

  5. The Olympics Challenge: To experience the Olympian spirit and rise above the competition in a series of challenges that test your intellect, ability, and team working skills.

  6. The Idea Ring Challenge: To bring down a hula-hoop from a height of 5 feet to 5 cm above the ground (with a few constraints) as one team in shortest possible time. Sounds easy! It’s not! Out-of- the-box thinking plays a key role.

  7. The Cooking Challenge: We are all emotional about food habits and tastes, but imagine what happens when a team of different individuals joins hands to cook a three-course meal together! It becomes exciting when a team has to decide on the ingredients, plan of action, and strategy to win the cooking face-off challenge.

  8. The Big Ben Challenge: To use your problem-solving skills to build the tallest tower using marshmallows and sticks within the given time.

  9. Terrarium Challenge: Participants create their own team’s garden in a bowl; they must be creative in designing one because they must follow a carefully crafted process. An excellent activity on care, passion and growth.

  10. Tech Terrain Treasure Hunt Challenge: To score as many points as possible within the given time, exploring the outdoor area, cracking codes, using sophisticated GPS devices. What truly matters is speed of execution.

  11. Symphony Dance Challenge: Participants are divided into groups, and they are assigned a musical note. Can they come together and make a Rhythm as one big team?

  12. Social Elf Challenge: The objective is to design creative schoolbags and shoes based on various fun themes in the given time and resources. Later, the bags and shoes are gifted to kids from a local NGO.

  13. Stage Showtime Challenge: Participants work in smaller teams to craft a funny stage performance or short movie on a theme that is given to them.

  14. Servitude Customer Service: Participants go through an experiential journey to learn the art of customer centricity. This workshop is ideal for learning tools and techniques for creating internal and external customer delight.

  15. Giant Pyramid Challenge: Participants work in separate units to design & color their pyramid; once done, all teams must put together their pyramids to form ONE Giant Pyramid. Perfect for teams working towards a common goal.

  16. Peek a-Boo Team Challenge: To peek a boo into your team’s heart and mind and generate people and business results together.

  17. Nuclear Punch Challenge: Teams must punch numbers in a specific sequence within a controlled space to win a three-round challenge. A test of team’s ability to adapt to rapid change.

  18. Network Over Wine: Taste the adventure, Participants experience and gain a deeper understanding of different types of wines and elements involved in fermentation together as one team.

  19. The Nerf War: Participants battle it out in different teams and circuits using various weapons to smash their goals. Teams must shoot, break, blow the targets as one team in the shortest possible time.

  20. Mixology Challenge: Teams will be provided with their own Bar-Station with premium spirits and fresh ingredients. They have to make their cocktails with the help of our expert mixologist.

  21. Million Pixels Challenge: Participants must paint the image provided on a canvass, which is then put together with other canvases in a specific order to form ONE Giant Big Picture.

  22. Lost Dutchman Goldmine Simulation: The Search for the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine™ is an internationally successful Team Challenge focusing on collaboration and communication. This highly interactive program addresses tendencies to hoard information and acts competitively when collaboration is more effective – and more profitable.

  23. Local Flavours Challenge: Live like a local. Experience various local flavors including delicacies, drinks, culture and traditions to connect well with the locals & your team.

  24. Laughter Yoga Session: To understand the benefits of Laughter Yoga and practice the same with your Team. The practice includes Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and Soul Gazing.

  25. Improve Session For Teams: The mission is to gradually push the participants out of the comfort zone using IMPROV techniques. Improv is a unique leadership laboratory where you get to experiment with self and team mates on various aspects.

  26. High Voltage Ice-breakers: Icebreaking session provides your team the right high energy start that you would expect for your conference. It is a great opportunity for participants to drop their inhibitions and be open to new learning.

  27. Hercules Team Challenge: To undergo a breakthrough experience by challenging your mental limits in a three-stage Hercules challenge – Stages are Board Breaking, Glass Walk & Rod Bending.

  28. Haka Face-off Challenge: To prepare a thunderous haka war-cry as a team. The mission is to express your team’s strength with a self-choreographed performance.

  29. Gladiator Challenge: To build, race and brand your team’s chariot using limited resources in the given time.

  30. Giant Puppet Challenge: Participants work in different units to create a larger than life ‘Puppet’ with the material provided. Once done, they must craft a unique Puppet Show, together.

  31. Food Truck Team Challenge: Participants battle it out in a face-off to cook a three-course meal together and craft a Food Truck at the same time.

  32. Food Art Challenge: The objective is to craft creative designs on food items using carving knives and give a presentation of your work in the form of a story to the judges.

  33. Fire Walk Challenge: Imagine using the ancient philosophy that been used as a test of an individual’s strength, faith, and courage. A philosophy that has stood the test of time and is used across the World to break through mental barriers, Fire-walking! Fire-walking is a distinctive metaphor that tells us that the realm of possibilities lies inside our self.

  34. Executive Presence: Participants are guided through a series of exercises that help them develop their persona to influence others. Using experiential tools participants discover what it takes to develop the right mindset, communication skills, & dressing etiquettes to influence others.

  35. Everest Challenge: Participants pitch a tent blindfolded, while receiving special instructions from the safe zone. It’s about their survival, can they save their team mates before time runs out.

  36. Domino Challenge: Participants work in smaller teams to craft a domino rally. Once they are done, the teams must connect all the rallies and make one giant rally. A perfect metaphor for collaboration.

  37. Cross Cultural Sensitivity Program: With increased diversity at workplace, handling multi-cultural workforce is a challenge. This experiential workshop is designed to bridge the gap for positive business results.

  38. Creativity Innovation Workshops: We need to practice new age techniques that spark creativity. Our creativity and innovation workshop is a perfect blend of experiential activities on creativity and contemporary theories that deliver real results.

  39. Construction Maze: To construct a self-standing 3-dimensional structure in least possible time using straws and connectors.

  40. Conference Engagement Program: To spark conversations, charge up the audience, and enable rapid netwokring during a conference.

  41. Columbus Challenge: To create a big (5-10 feet) Roller Coaster with minimum resources. But this will not be easy as they will be tested in the face-off with a presentation.

  42. Coaching and Feedback Program: Most of the employees look up their managers as coaches to review their performance. This program enables managers to develop their Coaching Skills to enhance team’s performance and achieve peak business results.

  43. Campus to Corporate Program: A unique workshop designed with 5- course program for an effective transition from campus to corporate. This workshop focuses on envisioning the corporate ladder for the new entrants.

  44. Build a Bicycle Challenge: Participants must assemble a fully functional bicycle within a specified time. The bikes are then gifted to underprivileged kids as a surprise.

  45. Blind Fold Square Challenge: There are two missions to this challenge! First mission is to form a square using the rope provided and second is to coordinate with other teams to accomplish the bigger mission. Participants are blindfolded while they are working together.

  46. Beer Olympics Challenge: To network & connect over beer and win exciting beer challenges as one team in the given time.

  47. Session on Art of Story Telling: Participants are guided through a 5-step robust formula (using a series of specialized tools and exercise) that enables them to learn the art of storytelling.

Use Free Resources by The Thought Bulb- Tracing Paradigm Shift in the HR Segment

Even if we are bestowed with the best of knowledge and qualification, we all can do with a bit of handholding from time to time. It could be in your personal front or at your workplace. Especially at the professional front where things are on a continual development mode and change becomes a necessary way to stay on the top of your industry.

For the HR department too, ways and methods of handling employees, motivating them, building a strong employee engagement culture, getting started with team building activities and more are things that need dynamic involvement of the HR managers and their teams. You need to keep yourself updated on what is happening in the world of HR, get information about recent HR trends, and gain insight into what works and what does not. And, as an individual, you can never stop learning, even if you are the most experienced one around.

At thethoughtsbulb.com we understand how elemental all this is and how difficult it becomes for working professionals to keep themselves abreast of the latest happenings in the industry; and how the world around them is becoming more competitive, more focus-oriented and performance-driven. With this in our heart, we have started the Free Resources segment where you can access our free HR e-books and free training e-books.

The objective is simple. We want to help the visitors to our site gain authentic information and learn comprehensively, seamlessly, and of course free of cost. We have been involved in the field of HR, Training, and Development for some time now and realized that in this digital age, when HR managers and executives have too much on their hand, the easy-to-download and easy-to-use e-books can assist them with some quick learnings and knowledge reinforcements.

Free HR e-book from the thought bulb

The e-books are meant to act as your guide, your reference point. At least, that is what we intended to do when we set out to collate all relevant information, summarize the same and put it up in one place. The handbook for first-time managers is to let you know that you have an easy-to-access guide, right on your desktop or laptop and one that can be even saved onto your smartphone. Any doubt or confusion, you could simply open the handbook and clarify. Or, the Ultimate Guide to Employee Motivation is your ready-to-use free HR e-book that shows ways and means to go out and get your team motivated to outperform their goals and leverage their potential to the maximum.

Since the books are all free, you simply need to download them and save them onto a folder so that, whenever in doubt or whenever the situation arises, you can use your mouse or just a finger-click to read them through.

Free training e-books

Training is very close to our hearts. Whatever we have learned over the years and picked up from the industry, we have put together in different series of e-books.

This is our way of giving back to the industry that has been our alma mater. As a training manager when you refer to our e-books, you are always updated about best practices, strategies, and activities that are effective in the changing employee dynamics today.

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