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    Funny Team Awards PPT

    Employee recognition awards can be a great way to reward your staff for the hard work that they do! Conducting unique and engaging award ceremonies at work, can be used as a great team building activity too. As an organization, it is important to make sure your employees feel recognized for the efforts they put, day in and day out.

    Even simple things like an appreciation message, can go a long way in inspiring them to work harder and even more so, when there are incentives at stake. But you know what the best part is? Nobody said that these employee recognition award shows have to follow any scripts!

    Put together your own whacky and humorous awards show and come up with unique names, to highlight some interesting and quirky traits of your colleagues. Look beyond just best employee and employee of the month, bring your staff together for a laugh riot and let’s begin this year’s Femina Miss India 2021.…

    Do I need to be Steve Harvey to run this program?

    It’s always a good idea to be Steve Harvey, surrounded by them lovely ladies, if only the Universe worked this way. But since it does not, you don’t need to be him either. All you need to do is:

    1. Download our Employee Awards and Recognition presentation from our website.
    2. You can play along with the titles we have provided or you can customize them according to exactly how deserving you think your candidates are, haha!
    3. Commence with your hot and spicy Mirchi awards…..err, sorry, we just can’t help it!

    Occasions to conduct Funny Team Awards:

    1. Virtual offsite: All virtual off sites will have team building activities where there will be winners and losers. And if there’s no team building activity, well then, your awards and recognition can be made into one.
      Festivals: No better way to ring in a festival together, than have a funny award show to bring out the eccentricities in your work buddies.
    2. Virtual Rewards: With the current situation going on, virtual award ceremonies will be a thoughtful gesture, to give your employees a break from the monotony.
    3. Induction Programs: Inducting new employees into the system through an engagement based learning program and rewarding them based on it, will be a banger start to their gig!
    4. Leadership Interventions: Leadership workshops, are a fantastic way to recognize the potential leaders and administrators in the team and what better route to take than to award the top performers in the team and set an inspiration and example for others to follow.
    5. Town Halls: Town halls are a wonderful way to highlight the mid and lower management, to the leadership teams and show them an appreciation for the work they’ve done.

    Understanding the importance of employee recognition awards, will lead to greater employee satisfaction and subsequently, employee retention and lower attrition rates. Let us help you in creating happier and productive teams and times!

    Something we firmly believe and follow at Thought Bulb, “Treat employees like they make a difference and they will….

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