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    First-Time Managers Handbook

    So, you finally get the long-awaited promotion, you fight all odds, excel in all challenges at your workplace, and at last, you get to enjoy the coveted position, which is a dream to many. And let’s be honest, you are possibly stoked about the things that come along with the fancy title “manager” as well; the appreciation, recognition, respect, a new cabin, and biggest of all, the impressively high figured paycheck.

    While feeling elated, there can be some moments where you feel slightly terrified and confused too. Not sure where to start from, how to organize, what’s new to learn, what’s to be unlearned and the biggest of all fears – the fear of failure must be consuming a lot of time.

    As Spiderman rightly said, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ and professional progress is nothing different. Your profile or stream of leadership doesn’t matter as long as you have the attitude and determination to learn from challenges and work towards being your best self.

    So, if you are in this phase of life and aren’t sure how to start off, then go through our guide – Managerial Skills for First-time Managers to start off on the right foot with the help of some productive tips.

    Our quick reference handbook – Managerial Skills for First-time Managers for leaders who are about to be “First-Time Managers” will provide:

    • Tips on 10 most important must-dos as a First Time Manager
    • Ideas and prep notes for the first team meeting
    • Tips on delegation of tasks
    • Recommendations on top 10 management books for reference
    • Top 10 training needs for first-time managers for smooth navigation

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