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    Employee Engagement Calendar PPT

    Birthdays, anniversaries, campaigns, work milestones – are all important events in the life of a regular employee. These occasions make wonderful reasons for the HR and L&D teams, to celebrate and cherish their employees. An Employee Engagement Calendar is the perfect way to keep track of all these affairs and convert them into thoughtful gestures for your employees, as well execute team building activities that will keep your staff energized at all times.

    You create a welcoming and empowering work environment and your employees are engaged in a high performance culture. Employee satisfaction can lead to lower attrition rates and exponential productivity. A company that drives its mission in a captivating manner and prioritizes employee engagement will be most likely to create the concept of a ‘Forever Employee’.

    Our Employee Engagement Calendar helps you strategize the year and plan activities suited for every month:


    With World Health Day and International Dance day in the same month, you can optimize this opportunity to engage your employees in some fitness programs. As an organization, it shows your concern in the wellbeing of your personnel and the activities can inspire them to lead a healthier lifestyle.


    With May kick starting as International Labor Day, what better month to celebrate the participation and achievements of your employees? The Employee Engagement Calendar helps you plan celebrations all around the month, to show your gratitude towards this workforce you have built.


    With World Environment Day around the corner, you can help your staff make more conscious decisions in order to protect the environment. Organizing ecofriendly or environmentally driven team engagement activities can help in creating a new respect for the world we live in and make your employees better citizens of our times.


    With half the year being over, July can be used to look back on the achievements and failures of the past months. A rejuvenation activity or a series of energizer activities can be organized every week, to gear the team up for what’s in store for the rest of the year. Our Employee Engagement Calendar can be an important tool for strategizing and adapting to the ever changing environment.


    August being the month of the Independence Day, our team engagement activities will help you bring out the tricolor in your employees. Give for India and Swadeshi Trivia, are just 2 of our activities that can bring out the kindness in that desi heart and challenge that mind!


    With Teacher’s Day and World Tourism Day falling in the same month, our Employee Engagement Calendar give you an opportunity to impart your employees with some insight about all the different countries in the world, while you take them on a virtual expedition of the 7 seas! For example, our Go Global Treasure Hunt will keep them on their virtual toes as they explore the challenges and unravel clues in this exciting scavenger hunt!


    Dussehra brings back colorful memories from childhood! The month of October can be utilized to celebrate this festival, by coming up with unique ways of dressing up each day of the week, having a potluck over the weekend and engaging in indoor team building activities!


    Diwali being the festival of lights can help in creating an inclusive atmosphere at the workplace! Creating a culture centric environment, which focuses on performance, satisfaction and productivity instead of caste, religion, gender, etc. A thriving organizational culture will always help in retaining talent and increased engagement.


    The favourite month of the year is here! Deck the halls with boughs of holly, because Santa is here! The festival of Christmas is a wonderful chance, to play the secret Santa and have your staff exchange gifts anonymously! They can guess who their Santa was and everyone can partake in the joy of giving presents. This type of an activity creates a sense of harmony and synergizes the relationship between and amongst the teams.


    Everyone gets the opportunity to start over, as we step into the New Year! HRs can use this month to motivate every employee to set new goals for the year and help them in following through with their achievements. They can keep the pace and interest high by engaging the personnel in team building activities that promote their strengths and gear them up for high performance and productivity.


    February being the month having Productivity Day, it is time to look back on the successes and goals that the employees have achieved, resulting in the revenue growth in the company. It is a good month to reflect on the organization’s core objectives for the upcoming financial year. Conducting team engagement activities that focus on driving and inculcating organizational values and ethics, can be an efficient use of time and energy.


    With the last month of the financial year upon us, HRs can use the budget planner in our Employee Engagement Calendar, to create a financial plan and allot budgets to team engagement for the upcoming year. This month also hosts International Women’s Day, a celebration of womanhood. Utilize this month to conduct team engagement activities around importance of women safety, gender equality and inclusivity with the tone of overall appreciation for the women of this world, who strive to change entire cultures in today’s day and age.

    Download the PPT Version of the Employee Engagement Calendar now and spark up your Engagement Plans.

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