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    Crash Course in Planning A Remarkable Outbound Program

    The adage “a team that plays together stays together” rightly expresses the core strength of a team. Dedicated team members and top performers drive a team to great success but true victory lies in maintaining a healthy balance between independent performance and interdependence. During challenging times, it is the interdependency and mutual support that keeps the team glued and going. To nourish this strength in a team, it is extremely important to build a secure and enjoyable environment by organising a Team Building Offsite.

    And this is not a one-time affair; it’s a process that involves thorough planning and implementation of thought-provoking programs, which contain learning, coordination, team building and fun-filled aspects. We will provide you with a unique set of employee-centric activities, along with guidelines to plan the team building offsite from scratch.

    Follow the crash course guidelines for planning a team building offsite. In this guidebook you will find:

    • Methods to draft an offsite agenda
    • Strategies to spot the right people for outbound training
    • Innovative ways to advertise the program and create a buzz
    • Factors to consider while planning the duration for an outbound workshop
    • Tips on how to shortlist and select the best venue
    • Expert advice to deliver an impactful intervention
    • Factors to consider for a hassle-free experience
    • Amazing gifting ideas to be considered for each workshop
    • Key tasks to completed after the training intervention

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