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    10 minutes to an awesome Induction Program

    Onboarding a new employee into an organization can be memorable or nightmarish based on the circumstances of the process of the Induction Program. Employees always love to cherish the beginning days of their gigs and the clue to this lies in how efficiently an induction is carried out. How creative are we in making an induction program effective and pleasant for any new joiner? Is it time to revamp our induction process?

    It is important to remember that impressing an employee also is an invaluable ritual for an employer. A carefully designed induction program can go a long way in curbing the attrition rate of any organization as it has been proved on numerous occasions that employees leave their previous jobs not only for betterment but also after not being treated well during their initial days in their jobs.

    Our Guide on Induction Programs focuses on the following:

    • Wonderful ideas to make the induction program outstanding for a new joiner in your company
    • Making our induction program interesting by naming them innovatively
    • Making the first day of a new joiner impactful through creative ways
    • Creating stunning welcome Email templates for new joiners
    • Designing 30/60/90 days induction program that rocks the first quarter of a new joiner’s gig
    • Interesting gifts for all the new joiners to make their gigs sizzling

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