Four Main Categories Of Team Building Games


Great teamwork is the key to a company’s success. Companies now have understood the importance of bringing employees together and motivating them for efficient collaboration. Employers have started looking for fun ways and activities to engage their employees and bring out the best in them. This has paved the way for fun team building activities and games that encourage team spirit and teamwork amongst the employees.

In order to help employees and new teams to know each other better and facilitate coordination, corporates and retail employers have started hiring team building companies in India. Team building activities and games are beneficial and can be used by any business, large or small to promote better teamwork. The games and activities are fun and creative while also being challenging for the employees.

The skills learned through these games and activities helps to build teamwork skills and improve employee performance in the office. This helps in increasing the overall productivity of the company. These team building activities are categorised mainly into four broad categories.

Different types of team building activities

Icebreaker activity- Most of the times, there is some awkwardness among a group of people meeting for the first time. The basic necessity for a team to work together is to comfortably interact and share ideas with each other. A quick, fun and interactive activity at the beginning of the session is enough to warm up the conversation and lighten up the mood. Icebreakers help the people to know each other better, and hence it lowers down the level of awkwardness at the beginning of the program.

Communication boosting activities- Communication is one of the essential components for a team to work efficiently and smoothly. It is an important part of social skills and one of the easy ways to master this skill is through the medium of games and activities. These fun activities require inter- team collaboration and hence participants have to communicate and interact with each other. Such small communication activities help the employees to maintain self-confidence. It teaches good listening and attention paying skills as well.

Problem-solving and/or decision-making activities- Games like terrain challenge and treasure hunt requires the participant to use all of his problem-solving skills and find the answer from the clues. The team learns how to use their time effectively and plan strategies. If one part of the team learns to exercise their management skill, the other part of the team learns to follow directions. These challenging games will bring the entire team together. The employees will have fun and at the same time their coordination will also improve.

Trust building activities- Trust is of utmost important for every team. The more the employees trust each other, the stronger and more productive the team will be as the employees will have each other’s back. Organising trust building activities regularly can help in building trust and increasing rapport among the employees.

The teams will learn to establish trust and that will help to create a strong bond in the team. This will help boost the overall morale of the team. There are multiple team building companies in India that will help and guide you to plan fun and engaging activities for your employees according to your needs.

Without any doubt, these team building activities and games are an effective way of training your team to function effectively. Sometimes, even normal get-togethers with some music and dance can also help the team to get to know each other well. Whether you are trying to improve communication skills of your employees or develop some new skills amongst in them, these team building games and activities are surely going to help you.

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