Foster innovation mindset among the employees

Q. Tips for a budding L&D/HR professional ?  – 

As an HR professional we should always keep the business imperatives in mind. HR strategy should focus on delivering business outcomes rather than mere tick-of a box initiative. In these turbulent times, HR should emerge as impacting the top-line of the business rather than mere labelled as a support function.

I would say all HR professionals should be able to quantify the value we deliver to businesses.

Q. Your personal achievement as an HR professional? 

In my limited experience of 9 years, I had the privilege to work with workmen, Senior Leadership. I would say my ability to establish a rapport with all sorts of people so that they have the confidence on the HR team is my biggest achievement. I changed my approach while dealing with people from different educational background helped me achieve my results throughout.

Q. How can an HR/L&D contribute strategically to the organization? 

Any L&D intervention which is linked with Business strategy and clearly lays down a linkage with organizational goals will contribute to the organization. For instance, we run an OD intervention for “Fostering Innovation mindset among the employees”. After the intervention we should be able to measure increase in innovative ideas on table and then track the road-map to effectively implement the innovation idea thereby adding value to the business.

Q. One HR/L&D practice that has always worked for you as an HR. 

I think buy-in of the business is very important for implementing and L&D/HR intervention. We were creating Competency Framework for the organization. We co-created the same along with representation from Business employees. While implementing the framework, each and every stakeholder took it quite positively and was able to relate it. The outcome was that we could map all HR processes to the competency framework.

Q. Do you think experiential learning is more impactful?

I strongly agree to this. I am a firm believer that maximum learning happens when are on the job. Now a days we witness Fire Drill and these people from Fire department ask people to come forward and try to extinguish the fire using an extinguisher. It is done to ensure that people might feel the pressure and thrust needed to use the extinguisher. Merely seeing it from a distance won’t help you in practical learning.

Q. How do you create a buy-in for training at workplace?

I believe that establishing and communicating the training outcomes and how it will benefit the trainees is vital for creating a buy-in for training. Communicating the pedagogy, listing testimonials from previous attendees would help.

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