Fire-walk Training for Sales Professionals


Fire-walking is a very ancient ritual that has been known to the mankind for many millennia. It is practiced by people of various cultures and civilizations throughout the world. Fire-walk happens to be a ritual that establishes traits like bravery, stamina and trust.

Fire-walk for Sales Professionals

Sales Professionals are the revenue center of any line of business across the globe. They are expected to possess a lot of key competencies which can assist them to handle customers with varied needs and demands. Fire-walk is one of the most popular and bold activities to drive the sales professionals to achieve their targets.

Critical Competencies for Sales Professionals

A smart sales professional should have the following sales competencies:


Identifying needs in marketplace, keeps a sales pipeline full of prospective customers. It’s essential to research industries, uncover the main friction points, and define the ideal customer profile.

Knowledge of the Products and businesses:

A sales guy must have a thorough understanding of the products he is selling and the businesses he is associated with. This is the first step to his success as the prospect always scans him on how much he knows to understand if the deal is worthy of pursuit.

1. Closures: Closing the deals after gathering the requirements is very crucial. Closures happen only if the prospects are provided with reasons to move ahead with the deal.

2. Handling Objections: Sales guy must be open to accept rejections and criticisms from Clients and customers .

3. Negotiating: Sales folks must possess confidence in order to overcome any last moment upsets and close the deals.

4. Tactical Skills: They must be street smart to sense the mind of a prospect to come up with viable sales pitch.

Sales professionals can achieve success with an effective day wise planning and recording the progress. They must take the ownership and exercise freedom to lead the sales calls and build rapport with prospects or customers to press for closures. They should be aggressive while leading the sales calls or meetings. Persistence is a key trait that can drive them to exceed their sales targets. Their smart approaches lead to gaining more deals from existing customers for future targets.

What is Fire-walk Challenge?

Fire-walk challenge is a serious activity aimed at shedding off the drawbacks of sales professionals who fail in the penultimate stages of closing the business deals. Many fail due to inherent qualms and fears. A deal is called a success and a closure when it is closed. No matter how good a sales guy is at convincing prospects, he is called a failure if the deal is not closed.

Fire-walking with Thought Bulb

Fire-walk challenge must be attempted by anyone under the strict supervision of experts who are certified to handle any eventualities. This should never be attempted by those who are new or don’t know anything about the process and consequences. This is an outdoor activity where the participants walk on a specially created fire bed, following all the safety instructions. The experts play a great role in inspiring the teams and participants to proceed. They are motivated mentally first, followed by going ahead with the breathtaking journey.

At the end of this challenge, the participants will definitely experience a sense of achieving their erstwhile toughest goals in the near future. Courage of conviction and self-confidence to meet their professional goals can be gained. Sales professionals will definitely be benefited by Fire-walk challenge.

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