Employees must be aligned with One-shared Vision of the Organization

Biggest challenge an HR might face in motivating employees.

In today’s date the job has become so monotonous that some people work in routine or some work just to earn money. Keeping them intact with the values that company is driving, is the biggest problem we face. So if somebody doesn’t feel connected to One Shared Vision or Mission of the organization then it gets difficult to manage such resource, then in result, we face high dissatisfaction leading to high attrition.

With my small journey in corporate world, anybody doing their job, are passionate bunch of people. Our job is to channelize their energy into a right direction by identifying their interest area and using their capability into a right place. In between some fun engagement will break the regular monotony.

I feel my company is one of the most people centric organization. Although we’re here for the common purpose of business results. My CEO’s motto is “One Mind, One Direction”, Everyone needs to be in sync when it comes to driving common objective. Every individual is important for us. My HR Head always says “It’s not your work/performance that makes you, it’s your attitude that gives you success”.

How often an HR must engage with employees to drive motivation?

Very often, we witness that anything addressed for mass, doesn’t go as per the plan. Because one approach which may work on one employee is not necessary to work on another one thus an HR always need to categorize their activities according to their employees. It can be their development programme or any engagement.

“Motivation” works on what employees expect from their employer and vice versa. Hence the way of finding the actual balance between welfare and work is the key to running a successful organisation.

For an organisation to be effective, it is necessary for either sides to connect more often with the problems they are facing. And as an HR, my work is to give right solution, either to them or by speaking to my superiors about the issue. Every challenge/opinion has to be taken seriously to understand all kind of people.

We’ve many such activities in basket which we do very often, for example:

  1. Panasonic Face Off: A healthy debate with a mix of millennials, Gen Z and the respective HoDs. Teams here contest on work-related topics encouraging a knowledge exchange. This platform gives them an open chance to share thoughts with each other.
  2. Promoting a mutually, respectful environment is something we strive for and hence, we at Panasonic have identified millennials to drive the culture of fun & innovation at workplace.  Engaging activities such as winter donations, interactive team lunches, Panasonic Premium Cricket League and celebration of topical/festive days are some of the many activities that are undertaken.
  3. Hi-Tea with The President & CEO- In this, Our President interact with each department once in a month. It is a closed group meeting where he just not inspires others by showing them open opportunity in market but also he shares his own journey with employees and vice versa.

There are many such activities that we run. One of all is “Vibrant Panasonic” which is something I am taking care from last 3 Years. This activity is one of most successful initiative which was started by my CHRO in 2014. And now it is doing really well, this platform gives a chance to employees to showcase their talent and plenty of opportunities to connect with all top managements.  

What are the ways an HR can evaluate employee motivational level?

Now we have many such tools in the market which helps in checking the pulse of employee or gauge employee engagement. Many MNCs cater such services to the companies.

But here in Panasonic, we do lot of internal engagements on different themes which help us to understand the pulse of employees. Basis on the survey report, we strategies our future plan

How does an HR motivate him/herself?

Sustaining motivation can be tough even under the best of the circumstances. So in the scenario wherein the task of motivating is in the hands of HR, the essence of motivation for self takes a back seat. In these circumstances setting a goal and deliberating on the minute details helps in keeping the mind focused.

Make a list of things you want to accomplish and break it down into simple steps which can be regularly cross checked to ensure you are right on track. Don’t try to do things always by yourself, ask minor help from your colleagues/ partners. It can ease the task at hand while giving your mind the much required mental peace.

Your personal achievement as an HR professional?

That’s an interesting question. It’s too early to share my achievement and my destination is far right now, but my passion towards what I do, is something which keep me motivated. I’ve started my journey in 2017. When I joined, I was part Corporate HR Team, then lately moved to OD & Engagement and now I am part Business HR Team. Coming to Business HR was something I aimed for, since my day1 in the company. There are lot people who are helping me.

People say, if you have good Boss then nothing like it. Same goes to me. I have many good Bosses. I am just enjoying my journey.

How do you motivate your Gen X employees (aged 39-54)

Gen X are from an Era wherein personal interaction was more than today’s time. Gen Y which is Millennials, technically are the first generation with a sound understanding of emerging technology as business tools more than baby boomers. Given the premise, our endeavor at Panasonic, is to promote activities that help learn from millennials and Generation Z through activities such as reverse-mentoring, building healthier work relationships to name a few. The Gen X still believes in the same philosophy of interaction. Second they are in a phase of life wherein they are dedicated to the organization without having any thoughts of leaving/ switching from their present work. Thus interacting with them on personal level and ensuring them a job stability will keep this generation motivated.

At Panasonic India, our average age of employee is 29 and therefore, we need to keep the environment vibrant to keep the workforce motivated.

Disclaimer: The responses to the questions are solely the views of the interviewee as a professional and do not reflect that of the Organisation he/she works for.

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  1. Amazing read! Really brings out an HR perspective about how to induce ingenuity in our day to day work lives. Great job!

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