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Employee Engagement: FAQS

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is the degree to which employees feel intense about their occupations, are focused on the association, and put voluntary exertion into their work.


Happy Employees = Happy Customers

Pick up a theme for your engagement drive

Discover Employee Engagement with Thought Bulb
As in HR professional, driving EE at workplace is a critical job, since it requires regular sessions and lot of arrangements. So let us divide the entire idea into 4 major chunks.

Step 1: Pick up a theme for your engagement drive

This is undoubtedly the most important part of EE drive. The theme has to be aligned with the objective behind the drive. There are numerous ways of picking up the right theme for an organisation. Some of them are

1. Values:

Each organization follows a set of values as foundation. The entire drive can be designed with an objective of bringing the employees closer to the organizational values and develop a deeper understanding of the same.

For Example:

Integrity Trust Teamwork Openness
Accountability Make a difference Passion Customer first!

2. Key behaviours:

Employees are brand ambassadors of their organization. If right set of behaviours are inculcated regularly through employee engagement activities, an HR professional is creating an army of passionate souls. This differs in each industry based on the type of goals.

For Example:

Flexibility Speed of Execution Gratitude Humility
Ready to help Appreciate others Creativity Customer Delight

3. Festivals:

The idea behind marrying festivals with EE is to celebrate diversity. Keeping employees engaged during special occasion is an important strategy. Birthdays, festivals, Rewards and Recognition events, Annual day, and many other days should be celebrated and office games and activities should be created around these events for the employees to participate.

4. Special Days:

These special days are called corporate festivals otherwise. They focus on recognising important things that are usually missed. The special days can be used as a way for engagement and to connect with the world.

For Example:

New Year Republic day Women’s day Sports day
Earth day World Cancer day Laughter day Yoga day

Need help in designing your EE Themes, Contact a Thought Bulb Representative now!

Design an Yearly Office Calendar

Step 2: Design an Yearly Office Calendar

Once the agenda is decided, it’s time to allocate the themes to specific months to prepare an yearly calendar. As in HR professional, these monthly themes will help you choose the right activities for your organization.



Different types of calendars plans:

  1. Monthly Interventionsare ideal for the first-time organization to get the taste of the concept.
  2. Quarterly Interventionsare preferred for small-scale organizations with lesser number of team members.
  3. Half-Yearly Interventionsare preferred if an organization is serious about driving EE at workplace.
  4. Yearly Interventionsare the best solution for organization looking for budget friendly ee Drive.

Select activities based on the themes

Step 3: Select activities based on the themes

You’re almost there! Now select activities from our EE bucket based on your monthly themes. Few options that can be explored are:

1. Wellness:

Wellness is a vital requirement for each and every individual. The obvious reasons of scarcity of time and loads of work stress. Including wellness programs will affect the business results directly, reduce mental and physical absenteeism.

Laughter Yoga Zumba
Tai-Chi Kick-Boxing

2. Fun at work:

Ideology is a happy heart wins many hearts, creating an everlasting connect among your team. Happiness is contagious, so are its benefits. When people enjoy their work, they are more creative with ideas. Long story short, fun is the direct element for 10X business results. Few ideas of fun-loving activities are:

Minute to win it challenges Caricature Art Pot Making
Karaoke Tattoo Making VR Gaming

3. Experiences for women:

Women are difficult to please, be it workplace or not! Hence, here are some exciting activities that are designed especially for the women in the organizations.

Nail Art Mehndi Challenge Grooming Sessions
Rangoli Making Food Carnival Aqua Therapy

4. Festivals and special days:

Some of the activities are crafted keeping in mind the festivals, celebrations and special days.

Food Stalls Garbha Challenge Puppet Shows
Clay Station Pottery Challenge Board Games

Consult a Thought Bulb Representative to get started.

Effective Employee Engagement Program from the House of the Thought bulb

It is commonly said that when you work hard, you need to play harder because it is important to de-stress so that productivity levels are always maintained or encouraged to improve. Employee engagement programs should be planned in a way that it leaves your employees completely motivated and connected with the organizational culture. Such programs invariably align all employees towards the bigger picture so that each member works towards the achievement and fulfillment of the corporate goals. In such an environment your employees are, irrespective of their positions and job responsibilities, completely involved with their roles voluntarily and with contentment.

Why Thought Bulb?

The Thought Bulb is one of the country’s foremost training companies that are responsible for bringing about a revolutionary change in how corporates feel and value at their employees. We have been spearheading employee engagement programs from the front in the corporate world in India with the primary objective of making employees contribute more productively towards the accomplishment of their organization’s vision and mission.

How are we different from the rest?

Our employee engagement programs come with dual benefits – on one hand employees are able to achieve high quality work-life balance with job satisfaction like never before and on the other, employers are able to benefit from a strong and robust work culture that attracts the crème le crème of the industry to be associated with them. We work together with your HR and Training department to devise ways and means to facilitate your employees contribute their 100% through and through.

Therefore, you should seriously consider hiring us for our employee engagement programs –

  1. Positively impact the working environment thereby creating a competitive edge for your brand in the market.
  2. Help individual employees and employers in comprehending the strengths and weaknesses of each member so that their personalities could take on a better and more productive shape.
  3. Your employees can reach their productive best because they are successful in achieving a qualitative work-life balance.
  4. With our well strategized programs your employees will be motivated to think out-of-the-box and get into roles those they passionately and intrinsically believe in.

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