Employee Engagement & Team Building go hand in hand

You can’t have an engaged and active workforce without first having strong team building exercises. Here’s ten reasons why team building is needed to maximize your engaged employees.

1. Team Building highlights leaders

One of the biggest benefits of team building exercises is that they can effectively identify the leadership qualities of your employees; allowing all staff to contribute in certain ways.

2. Emotional Investment is vital

Whilst an engaged employee is likely to have an emotional attachment to the company and its staff, team building events help create shared moments that bond staff together.

3. Building respect through Team Building exercises

Equally those bonds create lifelong connections and by sharing personal trust with colleagues staff will also be able to build respect; creating truly engaged employees.

4. Boost employees’ morale

A survey by TINYpulse found if an employee feels positive about their company and have a sense of comradery with colleagues created from team building exercises, then they are more likely to go beyond their set role.

5. Leads to increase retention

The company with the best employee engagement, built in an environment of team bonding, will notice they have a higher retention rate. Bonusly found highly engaged staff are 75% less likely to be looking for a job.

6. Company Culture gets better

Another benefit team building exercises establish is a clear company culture. You can reinforce the values that make your business; as employees can see and share your vision.

7. Fosters Teamwork

An engaged employee is more likely to be self-focused, whilst team bonding exercises are a great way to get people working together and engaging.

8. Develops problem solving skills

If a team is working together, they’re more likely to share problems with the group; working collectively to solve the problem.

9. Encourage open conversations

Similarly, whilst an engaged employee is seeking the best for the company, a bonded team will engage and talk to each other on a personal level too.

10. Engaged team working to the same goal

A truly engaged team of people, who are bonded, are able to all work towards the same goal; achieving maximum performance.



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