Employee engagement is a continuous activity.

Biggest challenge an HR might face in motivating employees?

There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ formula when it comes to a subject like motivation. The primary reason for this arises from varying needs of the company workforce. Expectations between employees and the company is a two-way affair and ultimately boils down to striking the right balance while adjusting to the changing needs of millennials.

Today there is also a huge focus on work-life balance, pursuing passions beyond work, learning new skills and all this aptly fits under the gamut of digital transformation. Therefore, we firmly believe in giving employees experiences and moments that they cherish.

Under the program #LOTSDNA, we continue to respect and value employees through a wide range of initiatives. In 2019, what we did differently was that we took a step back and engaged with employees on ideas through focused group discussions, suggestion boxes placed in multiple locations and engaging employees in various other ways; essentially provided them mediums to share feedback, ideas and initiatives

How often an HR must engage with employees to drive motivation?

Employee engagement needs to be a continuous activity and HR needs to constantly engage with them. HR should always invite and seek inputs from the employees to build a participative culture and work towards enhancing the workplace climate. These type of actions by HR, motivates employees and provide them a friendly environment to work.

HR should ensure that the each employee is given the opportunity to express themselves and feel valued. Especially, employees who deal with customers at the stores and are the front face representing the organisation, need additional motivational factor.

Therefore, before any store launch, we run extensive team building activities. It helps the employees to understand the culture well and identify with the organisation. Additionally, store HR team regularly plan interesting activities at the stores. 

What are the ways an HR can evaluate employee motivational level?

Happy and motivated employees are the essential aspect of any successful business. If you take care of your employees, your employees will take care of your business. Generally, motivation is largely intrinsic but HR plays a big role in boosting them.

  1. A motivated employee takes his/her work very seriously and meet all the deadlines.
  2. Productivity and efficiency improves
  3. Employees’ are more participative in company projects (including cross functional projects). This is projected through proactively improving existing processes and going beyond what’s expected to find the best solution for our customers.
  4. Regular review sessions to ask employees about their short term and long-term career aspirations. This helps us gauge an employee’s level of motivation.

How does an HR motivate himself/ herself? Your personal achievement as an HR professional?

The biggest motivation as an HR professional is the ability to have an impact on people’s lives.

Personally, for me the most satisfying moments are those when I see people grow in their personal and professional careers to achieve their desired goals.

At CPWI, in a short span of time, we have been able to provide a platform to employees not only to grow vertically but also laterally. We also encourage them to participate in cross functional projects and lead high impact business teams.

How does an HR motivate himself/ herself? Your personal achievement as an HR professional?

The average age of our employees is between 30 – 35 years and nearly 6% of our people fall into the Gen X category and come with great experience. Talking about motivation, we provide equal opportunities to learn and grow. We let them groom our young employees in their area of expertise. We believe in doing things together. Hence, we all go to office parties/ get-togethers and help all our employees socialise and bond beyond work hours.

Disclaimer: The responses to the questions are solely the views of the interviewee as a professional and do not reflect that of the Organisation he/she works for.

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