Does your team need a Team Building Program? Browse our 15 point checklist

Do you need Team Building

 When a group comes together, it forms a team. Over the years it has been observed that teams work better than individuals.

If you get a team to do something, they accomplish it faster and at a better quality.

Many companies today do not have a good teamwork spirit. They stumble in that area, here is a checklist that will help you know whether your team needs a team building intervention or not?

1) Team members are Strangers

When members of a team do not know each other intimately, they are in for trouble because they do not know each other’s strengths or weaknesses.

2) Morale is low

When the morale is low in a team when there is no vibe and no hunger for success.  Then your team needs a teamwork program.

3) Low Creativity

Teamwork produces creativity; people think better when they are around people of the same minds. If your team has stopped being creative, you have a problem. 

4) The team doesn’t know company goals.

Unity of vision is very important in a team, once a team does not have a common goal, it is bound to fail.  Once you see this in your team, it’s very important that you do something about it.


5) Inclusion of New Members

New members have not been on that team before. When the percentage of newbies is getting higher than old staff.

6) Consistent Bickering

Once there is bickering and arguments among team members then it’s time to get them into a program. Bickering breeds bitterness and a team does not need all that negative energy.

7) Reduced Work Quality

If the quality of work is reduced that means the team is not working optimally. Having a team program will help to foster teamwork and improve the output of your team. 

8) Broken rules

What makes a team formidable are the rules.  Once you start messing with the rules people will not be committed to work. Building good team will be dependent on how well her members follow the rules.

9) Trust Issues

One of the major ingredient of a team is trust.  When two members of one team do not trust each other, that team won’t last long. Trust issues can be fixed with the right program

10) Loss of Focus

Loss of focus is another pointer to show that the team needs growth and development. If this is lacking then something needs to be done.

11) Frequent Underperformance

When the team is underperforming then that team needs a program.


12) Blatant Favouritism

This occurs when group members start having favorites within the team and forming clichés.

13) Unchecked Egos

When certain members of the group begin to think they are indispensable and that nothing can be done without them.

14) Sky-dropping Accountability

If the team stops being accountable and taking responsibility then they need to be built.

15) Multiple resignations.

When members of the team begin to walk away voluntarily from job then it’s time to go for a team program.


The 15 points above will help you know when your team needs a team program. It’s very important to be vigilant so that these signs can be spotted and treated. 

still confused! don’t worry! we are there to help.

Write to us or call us. Our experts can help you discover performance gaps and co-create a team intervention, customised to your needs.

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