Cross-Cultural Sensitivity Program

With increased diversity at workplace, handling multi-cultural workforce is a challenge. This experimental workshop is designed to...

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Network Over Wine

To experience and gain a deeper understanding of different types of wines and elements involved in fermentation together as a team...

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Lost Dutchman Goldmine

The Search for the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine™ is an internationally successful Team Challenge focusing on collaboration and comm...

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Peek a Boo Team Challenge

This workshop is designed with an objective to understand self and other team members to handle conflicts & drive 10X business...

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Everest Challenge

Participants pitch a tent blindfolded, while receiving special instructions from the safe zone. It’s about their survival, can t...

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Art of Story-Telling

Participants are guided through a 5-step robust formula (using a series of specialized tools and exercises) that enables them to l...

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Executive Presence

Participants are guided through a series of exercises that help them develop their persona to influence others. Using experiential...

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Servitude – Customer Service

Participants go through an experiential journey to learn the art of customer centricity. This workshop is ideal for learning tools...

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Improv For Teams

The mission is to gradually push the participants out of the comfort zone using IMPROV techniques. Improv is a unique leadership l...

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Take the driver’s seat while working with policy framers to chart out the direction for the organisation

Take the driver’s seat while working with policy framers t...

Q. Tips for a budding HR professional? The...

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Foster innovation mindset among the employees

Foster innovation mindset among the employees

Q. Tips for a budding L&D/HR professional ?  - ...

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