Campus to Corporate

A unique workshop designed with 5- course program for an effective transition from campus to corporate. This workshop focuses on e...

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Olympics Challenge

To experience the Olympian spirit and rise above the competition in a series of challenges that test your intellect, ability, and ...

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Vision Board

Vision board is a powerful activity with an objective to express oneself to the team. Participants create their own vision board d...

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Cooking Challenge

We are all emotional about food habits and tastes, but imagine what happens when a team of different individuals joins hands to co...

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Giant Puppet Challenge

Participants work in different units to create a larger than life ‘Puppet’ with the material provided. Once done, they must cr...

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Social Elf Challenge

The objective is to design creative schoolbags and shoes based on various fun themes in the given time and resources. Later, the b...

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Domino Challenge

Participants work in smaller teams to craft a domino rally. Once they are done, the teams must connect all the rallies and make on...

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Names for your Induction Training Program

Provide a name to your induction training program. This is an excellent first step towards branding your HR/L&D department, plus it also adds a recall value within your organization about the Induction Training. Here are a few names you could use – Renaissance, Fountainhead, Cradle, Genesis, Odyssey, Emergence, etc. You can create an Induction Training Program name in your regional language as well. Find a name that suits the organization’s culture.

Know your Team Sessions

Secondly, an HR Professional must ensure that the new joiner knows the size and the hierarchy of his/her team. For example, a team may have a manager, a team leader, a supervisor, etc. This will help the new joiner get settled in the system. Sometimes knowing the system and people can give a great comfort to the new joiners. Working in a team towards a common goal requires enormous efforts but is sure to get positive results. The sooner the new joiner syncs in, the better the team performs. Incorporating team building activities that bring the teams together can prove to be a boon for any organization such as Vision Board, Cooking Challenge, Domino Challenge, Olympics Challenge, etc. Team Building activities can be an excellent way to engage the group and break the ice between team members during the induction training program. Several organizations use Indoor Team Building and Outdoor Team Building activities to make the Induction training program lively.

Indoor Team Building Activities for Induction

Indoor activities require extensive interaction and are highly effective when it comes to building informal bonds. They help the employees understand the skills others possess. It is imperative to create teams that work together and that happens when you create a healthy environment for employees to open up. Use engaging indoor team building activities to craft an induction training program that helps the team members know each other at a deeper level. Place these activities in the Induction program so that your induction is a healthy mix of power point presentations and experiential activities. Popular Indoor Team Building Activities are:

  • Domino Challenge: the new joiners create a beautiful domino rally together as one big group, while dealing with rapid change.
  • Social Elf Challenge: the new joiners would design shoes, bags and toys and later these will be gifted to a local NGO as part of CSR.

Outdoor Team Building Activities for Induction

To add a different flavour to your Induction Training Program you can explore outdoor team building activities to make your induction truly exciting. These activities are action high energy action oriented activities that foster trust and responsibility. If you have a large campus or if you are running your induction program in a resort, you can consider outdoor team building activities in the induction agenda.


  • Tech Terrain Challenge: It’s a GPS enabled treasure hunt where the new joiners will have to solve clues, attempt funny challenges and complete the hunt.
  • Olympics Challenge: The new joiners experience true sportsmanship through a series of challenges that test their creativity, strength and team skills.

How HR Team can develop deep connections with the New Joiners?

It can be an excellent opportunity even for the HR team to engage with the new joiners during the induction training program. As an HR professional you may want to create an association based on trust and common regard, and you need your workers to have the option to come to you with their issues and concerns and feel good offering them to you. This happens when the HR representative is completely involved with the new joiners throughout the induction.

Virtual Office Tour Quiz – Using Virtual Reality

“Welcome aboard! This is the Human Resources and we would like to introduce you to the virtual tour of the premises!” – It’s time to surprise your new joiners with cutting edge technology!

You have seen workplaces with signboards that direct you towards the cafeteria, gym, server room, etc. The purpose is to make life a little easier, especially for employees who have recently joined. Augmented reality (AR) adds computerized components to a live view regularly by utilizing the camera on a cell phone. Whereas, virtual reality (VR) infers a total submersion experience that closes out the physical world. The AR and VR activities can prove beneficial for a smooth interaction between the human resource department and the operations. In a few years’ time, the immersive worlds of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) will be an intrinsic part of our working lives. . The idea behind virtual office tour is to save time and make life easy especially for the new and employees both who are not well acquainted with the location if different departments and their directions. The activity can be made fun by including a few questions on VR and AR, for example, name some applications of VR and AR used at workplace or what is virtual reality etc. It’s the organization’s responsibility to make the initial days of new employees easier for them to settle in. Let digitization do the needful!


Contact us to digitalize your Induction

Not just a boring session on Organization’s Values

Work values incorporate abilities, thought processes, qualities and mentalities which give soundness and bearing to the new joiner’s belief system. You utilize these profoundly held standards to pick among good and bad methods for working, and they assist you with settling on significant choices at work. Being completely honest, keeping promises, being reliable, being positive, meeting deadlines, helping others are some of the core values. There are activities designed to gauge the level of these core values in employees;


Vision board is one of the activities that bring out the true values of employees. It helps new joiners express their core beliefs and help them connect to the Organization’s values in a better way. The activity certainly works towards team building because you learn so much about your team members as well. Also, an organization must operate in a way for the employees to share and incorporate these work values. At the point when values are twisted, individuals progress in the direction of various objectives, with various expectations, and with various results. This can harm work connections, efficiency, work fulfilment, and inventive potential. Whereas, when people understand the values, employees comprehend each other, everybody does the correct things for the correct reasons, and this regular reason and understanding assists individuals with building extraordinary working connections.


Storytelling Activities: Top Corporates rely on storytelling activities like the Showtime Challenge or the Puppet Challenge to convey messages around values. In these challenges the participants are asked to create either a 3 minute engaging movie or a puppet show to connect with the organization’s values in an experiential way.

Campus to Corporate Sessions for Freshers

First job will always give jitters to freshers entering the Corporate World. How, who, which one, where, are few of the questions that crop up in their head about the organization. Now is when the Human Resource department comes into picture. There are activities designed to make sure that the new joiners are comfortable and settled in. A Campus to Corporate training program can help them make a smooth transition into their first job. The objective of this program is primarily for the employees to understand the corporate culture, develop a growth mindset and secondary to settle in a new environment as quickly as possible. Organizations believe that creating a comfortable zone for the employees is necessary for the long term returns, hence enormous investments are made during the training period. These practices certainly build confidence in new employees which help in building stronger teams and also extended tenure of the employees.


Happy employees = happy organizations!

Session on Policies and Procedures

Organization policies and procedures are set up to secure the privilege or the rights of workers just as the business interests of bosses. Policies are important because they address pertinent issues, whereas clearly define a sequence of steps to be followed in a consistent manner. It is both the employer and the employees who are responsible to abide by them. While following these policies may be a little tough for the new joiners, however, they must understand that they are for the benefit of the employees and organizations both. The HR department lays down the policies and procedures in front of the employees before they start working, so that there are no loopholes. These policies are prepared to enhance the profitability of the business and expect all the employees to work together to abide by them; violation of any of these can lead to serious circumstances such as termination. Most of the times there are warnings issued for the violations; however, there can be instant termination in case of zero tolerant policies such as harassment, theft, physical abuse, etc. The policies and procedures are drafted keeping the sanctity of the organization and employees in minds and is must to follow in order to work together as a team for individual and business profitability both. Suggestions for HR Professionals are:


  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Keep updating your Policy and Procedures slide deck from time to time.
  • Share stories to help individuals connect well with Policies and Procedures.
  • Create an E-Version of your Policy Document that can be referred later.
  • Create a help desk for documentation related queries.

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