Servitude – Customer Service

Participants go through an experiential journey to learn the art of customer centricity. This workshop is ideal for learning tools and techniques for creating internal and external customer delight.

Icon Activity Type Indoors
Icon Best for team size 10-100pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Intermediate

Activity Details

Challenge :Using examples of organizations with legendary customer service, participants go through the 3 pillars of customer centricity. Using a blend of roleplays, case studies and real time experiential customer service scenarios participants learn the art of creating magic for their customers.

Results :Participants understand the importance of service excellence, & developing a customer centric approach to WOW the customers.

Debrief :Customer Centricity, Customer Delight, Customer Mindset.

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    Our Client's Say

    Learning Outcomes

    Customer Centricity

    Customer Delight

    Customer Mindset

    Why Servitude – Customer Service

    Table of Contents


    1. “Customer”- an important term!
    2. Art of customer-centricity
    3. Good to WOW!


    “Customer”- an important term!

    Servitude according to law means: “the state of being at service to someone or an association, voluntarily or involuntarily”. Customer service is of utmost importance for any service provider or a product owner. Therefore, the operations of most of the companies across various industries are customer centric.

    Art of customer-centricity

    The purpose of the activity “Servitude – Customer service” is to initiate a learning journey of the art of customer centricity for the participants. This activity is ideal to learn various tools and techniques that can assist in generating customer satisfaction. It is a world known fact that the concept of a call center originated more than 2 decades ago to elevate the idea of customer satisfaction to the next level.

    Good to WOW!

    Customer Centricity, Customer Delight and Customer Mindset are the three outcomes of this activity.Instances of Outstanding customer service by well-known organizations help the participants in understanding how to be successful in attaining customer delight.


    They also realize the significance of developing customer centricity and surpassing customers’ expectations through this activity.


    The tools and techniques used in this exercise are a great approach to study the mindset of the customers. Popular case studies and authentic customer centric situations help the participants in weaving a magic around the customers.


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