Network Over Wine

To experience and gain a deeper understanding of different types of wines and elements involved in fermentation together as a team, while you network with each other.

Icon Activity Type Indoor/Outdoor
Icon Best for team size 20-1000 pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Medium

Activity Details

Challenge: Teams experience exciting activities like grape stomping together, understand the process of fermenting wine, and tasting different types based on the blends. Teams then create their own blend and create a presentation around the same.

Results: A fun and a competitive way for ending the meetings or day conferences to build a strong bonding between the teams while experiencing something unique.

Outcomes: Fun, team bonding, creativity

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    Learning Outcomes


    Team Bonding


    Why Network over wine

    Table of Contents


    1. Wine with a purpose
    2. An exotic way to know your colleagues
    3. Taste of Connect
    4. Why Thought Bulb


    Wine with a purpose

    Regardless of the different cultures we belong to, millions of people across the globe have a common way to destress themselves and network with others; which is networking over wine. This activity is intended to encourage folks to get a feel and a better comprehension of various kinds of wines and the ingredients used for the fermentation while proceeding ahead with networking.

    An exotic way to know your colleagues

    Networking over wine is a full throttle fun activity where corporates indulge themselves in stomping grapes, studying the process of wine fermentation and savoring distinct blends of wine. Later, the teams come up with a presentation with their own created mixtures of wine. This is truly an exotic way to conclude business conferences and meetings while strengthening the bonds among various teams.

    Taste of Connect

    One of the greatest outcomes of Networking over wine is bonding between teams as it involves real fun, experimenting and savoring various blends of win. Creativity is put to test as the teams must prepare various blends and come up with the best version to impress everyone

    Networking over wine is total fun as teams indulge in the process of fermentation and devouring the wine

    Why Thought Bulb

    Expert consultants at The Thought Bulb will help you stitch the fun session along with other activities as an outcome of a wholesome package. It is also an excellent way to close the offsites on a lighter note.

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