Hercules Team Challenge

To undergo a breakthrough experience by challenging your mental limits in a three-stage Hercules challenge – Stage

1: Board Breaking; Stage
2: Glass Walk; Stage
3: Rod Bending.

Icon Activity Type Indoors or Outdoors
Icon Best for team size 3-3000pax..
Icon Difficulty Level High

Activity Details

Challenge: An excellent conference engagement activity to make participants experience the unlimited power of the mind. Our facilitators work with participants through three stages, gradually building up their mental muscles to experience the extra-ordinary Hercules team challenge. Participants learn mental conditioning techniques before they attempt the three-stage challenge.

Results: Participants leave with a greater understanding of their mental and emotional strengths. The program ends in an “Aha” moment for the participants after they attempt the three challenges.

Debrief: Inner Strength, Go Beyond, Strategy.

Activity video

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    Our Client's Say

    Learning Outcomes

    Inner Strength

    Go Beyond


    Why Hercules Team Challenge

    Table of Contents


    1. Achieve the unachievable
    2. Go beyond the fears
    3. Safety- our first priority
    4. Why Thought Bulb


    Achieve the unachievable

    It is customary to brand an act as a Herculean task when it looks unachievable. Hercules was a Greek hero who represented strength and power. The psychological boundaries of participants are tested in Hercules team Challenge. There are 3 phases in this challenge: Board break, Glass walk and Rod bending.

    Through Hercules team Challenge, the participants are enlightened and inspired to exercise their deepest fortes and authority. Primarily, all the participants are taught to condition their minds to prepare for the Hercules team Challenge and later they are driven to sense their mental powers. Prior to taking up this challenge, the participants are given an orientation on a few techniques for psychological conditioning.

    Go beyond the fears

    The participants realize the importance of Inner Strength, Go Beyond and Strategy through Hercules team challenge.

    At the end of Hercules team Challenge, participants realize their inner strengths and feel elated about their experiences.

    Participants come up with distinct strategies to win the Hercules team challenge which has 3 difficult phases to conquer.

    Glass walking and rod bending push the participants to go beyond their capabilities and to perform by coming out of their skins. Hercules team Challenge remains in their memories as a heroic activity.

    Safety- our first priority

    The session is conducted with all the mandatory safety measures. Basic first aid and doctor on call is the first thing checked during such sessions. The sessions are designed are entirely conducted under the supervision of expert trainers.

    Why Thought Bulb

    The Hercules Team Challenge is recommended mostly for the sales force as a metaphor for motivation to go beyond the barriers. The Thought Bulb makes sure that a team of experts drives the session considering all the safety measures.

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