Giant Puppet Challenge

Participants work in different units to create a larger than life ‘Puppet’ with the material provided. Once done, they must craft a unique Puppet Show, together.

Icon Activity Type Indoors or Outdoors
Icon Best for team size 3-3000pax.
Icon Difficulty Level High

Activity Details

Challenge :First things first, you cannot make it alone. For a giant puppet, you need your team to work on different parts together. Teams must be creative while designing a personality that can represent the theme and also come together to craft a story. These puppets will then be judged based on appearance, story, and creativity.

Results :Stories are a means of putting ideas into the world. Teams present their ideas in the form of stories and through these puppets. This clears the goals for individuals as a team.

Debrief :Creativity, Story-telling, Speed of Execution.

Activity video

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    Learning Outcomes



    Speed of Execution

    Why Giant Pyramid Challenge

    Table of Contents


    1. Coming together as a team
    2. Thinking big and out of the box


    Coming together as a team

    Herculean tasks need collaboration and unity from the respective teams to accomplish successfully. The ancient Pyramids were the result of hard work and coordination of thousands of workers for many years. Pyramids were built to last forever as they housed the Pharaohs after death.


    Enthusiastic participants form groups to build a giant pyramid like structure. Prior to that, participants have to gather resources for the effort and finish the task within the time limit. Individual groups build theme based pyramids depicting the event with distinct colors. Later all these small pyramids are joined together to culminate into a huge pyramid, that is the concluding step of giant pyramid challenge. Big Picture Thinking, Visionary Mindset and Collaboration are the learning outcomes of the activity.

    Thinking big and out of the box

    The participants understand the significance of big picture thinking as they have to build relevant sized individual pyramids that can form a giant pyramid. Coordination, team work and common goal converge to accomplish the final task of giant pyramid challenge.


    Though the initial efforts are carried out independently, they must collaborate to complete the final step of building a giant pyramid, eventually. Collaboration is the result of this task.


    Vision is the driving force behind a successful idea or venture. Likewise, visionary mindset is one of the key outcomes of Giant Pyramid challenge.

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