Executive Presence

Participants are guided through a series of exercises that help them develop their persona to influence others. Using experiential tools participants discover what it takes to develop the right mindset, communication skills, & dressing etiquettes to influence others.

Icon Activity Type Indoors
Icon Best for team size 10-100pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Intermediate

Activity Details

Challenge: Starting with developing the right mindset to corporate dressing, the participants understand the DNA of influencing people. Using specialized tools and techniques, participants practice the art of influencing others during the workshop.

Results: Participants learn techniques to influence colleagues with right intention, earn trust and focus on bigger picture as a leader.

Debrief: Leadership, Dressing, Influencing Skills.

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    Learning Outcomes



    Influencing Skills

    Why Executive Presence

    Table of Contents


    1. What is Executive Presence?
    2. Elements of Executive Presence
    3. EP into the lives of corporates
    4. EP workshop with Thought Bulb


    What is Executive Presence?

    When the persona of a person makes everyone present in a gathering realize that he or she influences and leads others, that is known as Executive Presence. This does not come naturally to all. Major traits like strong personality, leadership, outstanding verbal communication and appropriate body language help a person in gaining Executive presence.

    Elements of Executive Presence

    In the activity of Executive Presence, participants are directed to indulge in effective sequential exercises that support them in developing the coveted persona, decisively. With various pragmatic tools, participants get to learn about the ways to inculcate influential communication skills, accurate mindset and professional etiquette.

    EP into the lives of corporates

    Leadership, dressing and influencing Skills are the significant outcomes of the Executive Presence activity. Through the experiential tools and exercises, the participants master the skill of influencing people around them in the Executive Presence exercise.

    Professional dressing is learned during this exercise which is very crucial in commanding respect from others.

    Those who learn the techniques of influencing peers and dressing to the occasion, tend to become leaders, eventually. Leadership is a result of earning trust, mastering the skill of influencing and learning professional etiquette.

    EP workshop with Thought Bulb

    Transform your team’s personality and build a team of leaders/influencers who drive 10x growth results in the organization. Thought Bulb facilitates a remarkable program based on experiential activities that lasts forever.

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