Cross-Cultural Sensitivity Program

With increased diversity at workplace, handling multi-cultural workforce is a challenge. This experimental workshop is designed to bridge the gap for positive business results through 4 phases.

Icon Activity Type Indoors
Icon Best for team size 10-100pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Intermediate

Activity Details


  1. Cross-culture awareness
    • Understanding different stages of cultural sensitivity
    • Acknowledging similarities as well as differences
    • Techniques to deal with differences
  2. Business etiquettes
    • Knowing and using 5 fundamentals of interaction
    • Apologizing at right times
    • Burying the hatchet if you’re a victim of cultural sensitivity
  3. Hofstede’s 5-dimension matrix
    • Behavior based on task and relationship
    • Analyzing the 6-D model
    • Relating the right dimension to work-place
  4. Integrating the culture at workplace
    • Tools to practice learnings regularly
    • Using diversity and multi-cultural workforce as a value
    • Building a stronger diversified team

Results: This intervention plays a vital role in driving business results by bridging cultural gaps in teams. It converts multi-cultural individuals into a common driving force that works as One Team.

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    Learning Outcomes

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    Why Cross-Cultural Sensitivity

    Table of Contents

    1. Need of Cross-cultural Sensitivity Programs
    2. Bridging the gap between cultural differences and synergy
    3. Why Thought Bulb?


    Need of Cross-cultural Sensitivity Programs

    Post globalization, most of the international companies started working with globally displaced teams in different parts of the world. Unity in diversity is the new mantra today in the corporate culture too. In a move to make this transition memorable and devoid of conflicts, an experimental workshop on cross-cultural sensitivity has been designed. This is to bridge the gap among globally displaced teams to achieve desired business outcomes over 4 phases.


    Realizing the need for cross-cultural sensitivity and ensuring its establishment is a tough job. This initiative embarks on creating Cross-cultural awareness among workforce across various locations, training the resources on business etiquette, orientation on Hofstede’s 5-dimension matrix and integrating the culture at workplace through periodic learning exercises.

    Bridging the gap between cultural differences and synergy

    Teamwork: Teamwork is the first step towards creating cross-cultural awareness among all the resources. This helps in establishing a tone of understanding each other about their cultural diversities and sensitivities.

    Situational Leadership: Situational leadership and timely intervention are crucial in bridging the gaps that occur due to cultural distinctiveness.

    Cultural Values: Hofstede’s 5-dimension matrix focuses on creating right dimension to work-place in attaining cross-cultural sensitivity and also measure cultural values.

    Why Thought Bulb?

    Embrace the cultural values of diverse teams in your organization and convert the differences into synergy by undergoing an intensive experiential workshop with The Thought Bulb.


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