Coaching And Feedback

Most of the employees look up their managers as coaches to review their performance. This program enables managers to develop their Coaching Skills to enhance team’s performance and achieve peak business results.

Icon Activity Type Indoors
Icon Best for team size 10-100pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Intermediate

Activity Details

Challenge: Using experiential activities participants discover ways to develop a trusting coaching relationship; they also develop deeper understanding of biases that affect the coaching process. Participants learn how to use the GROW model to drive coaching results, understand the skill-will matrix. This makes the program a wholesome program for first time Coaches.

Results: Participants become better coaches at workplace, helping their teams reach peak potential. End results – better business results!

Debrief: Coaching, Influencing Skills, Feedback

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    Learning Outcomes


    Influencing Skills


    Why Coaching & Feedback

    Table of Contents

    1. Managers VS Coaches
    2. GROW Model to lead the process
    3. Major outcomes of Coaching & Feedback

    Managers VS Coaches

    In many companies across the globe, Reporting managers take up the roles of coaches for reasons like proximity toward the employees. Coaching & Feedback is a two way beneficial initiative that helps in coaching employees and providing them feedback while enhancing the coaching abilities of the reporting managers and superiors. This initiative is in the best interest of the team and organization.

    GROW Model to lead the process

    Participants of this exercise embark on a unique journey of building trust through coaching. This is an experiential learning initiative where the participants also comprehend the significance of transparent coaching practices. Also, they study the GROW model to lead the coaching process and appreciate the skill-will matrix. Eventually, this becomes a comprehensive program for the new Coaches.

    Major outcomes of Coaching & Feedback session

    Coaching elevates the personality of a manager and assists managers in carrying out a resourceful SWOT analysis of the team.

    Periodical coaching and constant feedback by the managers enhances the performance of the team as they use an experiential learning curve that help them in realizing their drawbacks Coaching efforts help the participants in influencing the teams towards accomplishing their goals and objectives.

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