Campus to Corporate

A unique workshop designed with 5- course program for an effective transition from campus to corporate. This workshop focuses on envisioning the corporate ladder for the new entrants.

Icon Activity Type Indoors
Icon Best for team size 10-100pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Intermediate

Activity Details

Course Outline:

  1. Goal Setting
    • Establishing S.M.A.R.T. goals
    • Plan a 5-year career goal
    • Determine career objectives
    • Actuating the Deadlines
  2. S.W.O.T. Analysis
    • Understanding & Working through your Strengths
    • Strategize Action Plans/Opportunities accordingly
    • Working on feedbacks and feedforwards
    • Executing the infamous Coaching Tool: G.R.O.W. model
  3. Becoming a Team Player
    • Creating a Win-Win situation
    • Tools and techniques for Conflict Management
    • Adapting a Collaborative approach
    • Inculcating the Big Picture Mindset
  4. Corporate Communication
    • Managing your Professional Image
    • Digital etiquettes at workplace
    • Using ‘5 stages of Difficult Conversation’ better
    • Developing Interpersonal Skills
  5. Time Management
    • Prioritizing Tasks for closing TO-DOs effectively.
    • Dealing with ‘Urgent’ Matters better
    • Using The Eisenhower Matrix for better productivity
    • Work-life balance

Results: This workshop boosts confidence and gives one the ability to face new circumstances and evaluate essential factors before taking work-place decisions.

Debrief: Confidence, Communication, Being Corporate Ready

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Learning Outcomes



Being Corporate Ready

Why Campus to Corporate

Table of Contents


  1. Concept of Me to WE
  2. Tools of Corporate world
  3. An effective start to be a Corporate
  4. Take the journey with Thought Bulb


Concept of Me to WE

Campus to Corporate curriculum is the journey of transforming College students into Corporate Professionals. In order to make this transition successful and resourceful, a 5- course campus to corporate training module has been designed. This training module revolves around envisaging the building of a career path for the fresher graduates.

Tools of Corporate world

Campus to corporate training objectives include carving a 5-year career goal, defining career objectives, S.W.O.T. Analysis of students, implementing the notorious Coaching Tool: G.R.O.W. model, orientation on evolving Interpersonal Skills and corporate communication, conflict management through various techniques, so on and so forth. The motto of Campus to Corporate training module is to build confidence and equip the youngsters with tools needed to handle challenges at the work place.

An effective start to be a Corporate

Confidence, Communication and being Corporate Ready are the three outcomes of Campus to Corporate training module.The biggest accomplishment of the students through Campus to Corporate Training program is to develop strong professional communication skills. This shall lead their journey into the corporate world successfully

Going through various orientations that focus on personality development and communications skills; lead to confidence building among the students

One of the major outcomes and necessities of Campus to Corporate Training module is students becoming Corporate Ready

Take the journey with Thought Bulb

The intervention of campus to corporate is designed with an objective of an excellent start and can be the best pick for a wonderful Induction Program. Fun-based experiential activities are perfectly blended with learning outcomes for the participants.

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