Art of Story-Telling

Participants are guided through a 5-step robust formula (using a series of specialized tools and exercises) that enables them to learn the art of storytelling.

Icon Activity Type Indoors
Icon Best for team size 10-100pax..
Icon Difficulty Level Intermediate

Activity Details

Challenge: Participants challenge their wits in a series of exercises to bring out the storyteller in them. Using storytelling tools the group learns the 3Cs of storytelling, ways of crafting a narrative and presenting their stories with confidence.

Results: This program helps in developing storytelling skills, boosting confidence and improving communication skills.

Debrief: Storytelling, Communication, Influencing Skills

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    Learning Outcomes



    Influencing Skills

    Why Art of Story-Telling

    Table of Contents

    1. Why tell a story?
    2. Application of Story-Telling in corporates


    Why tell a story?

    We all are storytellers. This art of storytelling comes naturally to us and we indulge in it mostly when we are kids. But impressive or great storytelling is way different from normal storytelling. In the Art of story-telling activity, participants are put through a sequence of dedicated exercises and tools as an integral part of a 5-step exhaustive formula. This helps them in learning and mastering the art of storytelling.

    Through the activity of the art of story-telling, the wits of the participants are put to a rigorous test through an array of exercises that help in bringing out the inherent storyteller in them. The 3 Cs: Conflict, Choice/Character and Consequence are the tools of storytelling used in the workshop. The skill of narrating and presenting stories confidently is grasped.

    Application of Story-Telling in corporates

    Through the tools and exercises utilized in this activity, the mundane way of storytelling is transformed into an art of great storytelling by the participants

    At the end of this activity, the communication skills of the participants become more proficient and impressive. They become experts in speaking and narration.

    The confidence with which the stories are narrated lead to inculcating a new skill of influencing the listeners and audiences.

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