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50 deadly presentation mistakes

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Our job revolves around delivering workshops across the country for various Corporates, and over a few years, we have learned a lot. Now, it’s time for us to pass on our learning to our readers. Here in this blog we share 50 common mistakes made by speakers: No rapport: Rapport building is necessary if you […]

Team building offsite by the Beach

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Early morning arrival Participants arrived early morning from across the country for their yearly offsite. A delicious spread of food was arranged for them before they could check-in. The offsite was aimed at achieving “One Team, One Mission” goal. The Thought Bulb team had planned a series of challenges for the team throughout the day […]

25+ Killer Hindi Conference Titles that Attract Attendees

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Give a Title to your conference, attract attendees and make it special. Here in this blog we share 25+ Hindi conference titles that are popular: Conference Titles on achieving Goals: Lakshya ki aur agrasar Sapnoo ki udaan Aasha ki aur Nayi dishaa Junoon ke saath Manzil ab dur nahi Jeet ki udaan Conference Titles on […]

20+ Killer Conference Titles that Attract Attendees – English

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Confused about what name you should give to your upcoming Event. Don’t look any further, in this blog we share popular conference Titles you can use in your next Team Outbound. Here is the list: Conference Titles for Achieving Great Goals: Mission Clean Bold Go for GOLD Smash the Game Eye on the Prize Go […]

5 Websites to design your Training Invite

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Canva Say “Hi” to massively popular free graphic design tool. Canva is one website which will never disappoint you if you are looking high quality images, graphics and professionally designed templates. It also gives you an option to customize your invites. Extensively hyped for very right reasons, this website has all the reason to be […]

5 ways to Motivate employees to embrace Training

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Quality employees are a must for any organization’s growth, which is why, businesses invest a lot in Corporate training initiatives. But ever thought – why employees try to avoid such interventions? It is because they are “FORCED” to attend such sessions, not “MOTIVATED”. Nobody likes anything to be forced upon them, which is why the […]