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Top 10 Training Needs for First Time Managers

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60% of new managers underperform during their first two years (Source: Ken Blanchard study). They usually do not have the benefit of “years of managerial experience” behind them, and therefore, they find it challenging to navigate through their new role. To make it easy for first time managers here are top 10 training needs for […]

Infographic: 5 Major Types of Corporate Training Programs

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Businesses make considerable investments in corporate training to enable their staff to learn new things and be more competitive. But corporate training programs tend to differ a lot. Leadership and management development programs enable employees to acquire a set of leadership skills which can help them to acquire a promotion. Such programs also help them […]

Team Building in Udaipur

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Team Offsite venues in Cochin (8)

Challenge yourself and your team in the ultimate team challenge – The Udaipur City Race. Discover the vibrant city of Udaipur who gains its popularity from the royal residences, with the Thought Bulb Team. Race setup: Thought Bulb team has location expertise in setting up the Outdoor City Race for your team. Participants will experience […]

10 Undisputed Team Building Lessons from Navy Seals

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Navy Seals

Teamwork is indispensable in any organisation. When you look at the officers of the Navy, you will observe that they rely on team work for their functioning. There are very important lessons we learn from the Navy Seals about teamwork and here are the top ten 1) No discrimination You do not look down on […]

Why FUN is the Secret Ingredient of a Great Induction Programme

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Usually, the processes involved in welcoming a new employee(s) into an organization are daunting for both parties involved. Making things less dreary during the program could help the individual settle in quickly, which would eliminate future issues. While it’s essential to take the induction seriously, you must not suck the life out of the entire […]

10 Majestic Teamwork Examples from Hollywood Movies

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In this day and age where everyone watches movies, and aspire to be one or more of the characters, it’s not uncommon for people to learn things from them. Most films have moral lessons behind them, and being able to work as a team seems to be the central theme of several of them. Teamwork […]

Ten good reasons why Experiential Learning sticks

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Experiential learning involves experience or knowledge gotten from doing something. Not only is this form of learning motivational, but it also inspires a sense of self-direction in individuals that practice them. Just as the saying goes; ‘experience is the best teacher.’ It shapes how people perform; especially if they’re trying to avoid repeating past mistakes. […]

Off-beat training invites to attract Participants

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Drop your regular Training invites and go for off-beat messages to spark up your training invitation. No matter it’s a technical training session or a corporate off-site, use the power of words to attract participants to the event. Here are five off-beat training invites to attract Participants: SAMPLE 1: Dear Participant, Since you’ve proven to […]

50 deadly presentation mistakes

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Our job revolves around delivering workshops across the country for various Corporates, and over a few years, we have learned a lot. Now, it’s time for us to pass on our learning to our readers. Here in this blog we share 50 common mistakes made by speakers: No rapport: Rapport building is necessary if you […]

Team building offsite by the Beach

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Early morning arrival Participants arrived early morning from across the country for their yearly offsite. A delicious spread of food was arranged for them before they could check-in. The offsite was aimed at achieving “One Team, One Mission” goal. The Thought Bulb team had planned a series of challenges for the team throughout the day […]