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Fire-walk Training for Sales Professionals

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Fire-walking is a very ancient ritual that has been known to the mankind for many millennia. It is practiced by people of various cultures and civilizations throughout the world. Fire-walk happens to be a ritual that establishes traits like bravery, stamina and trust. Fire-walk for Sales Professionals Sales Professionals are the revenue center of any […]

How Beer Conversations can take your team building skills to another level?

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We stepped into 2020, another leap year and the year of Olympics again. Hurray!!! Olympics have always rejuvenated the spirits of the world community. Olympics are the only sporting event that unite individuals despite being strangers and compete against each other while upholding the sportsmanship. Organizations have failed miserably in building an open organizational culture […]

15 Ways To Celebrate New Year With Your Team At Work

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New Year comes and people start planning for the occasion. The agenda is to have a different and a better one from the last year. Celebrating the day at your work place and with your professional working team has a different motive altogether. Apart from enjoying the day, the idea is to interact with even […]

Employee Engagement & Team Building go hand in hand

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You can’t have an engaged and active workforce without first having strong team building exercises. Here’s ten reasons why team building is needed to maximize your engaged employees. 1. Team Building highlights leaders One of the biggest benefits of team building exercises is that they can effectively identify the leadership qualities of your employees; allowing […]

10 Employee Engagement Facts an HR should not miss

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For a company to thrive, it needs a motivated and engaged workforce. A company with the best employee engagement will notice an increase in productivity, a higher staff retention rate and more innovative solution solving. Employee engagement should be an important area of focus for every business, here’s 10 facts every HR needs to know… […]

How Team Building Games Can Improve The Environment Of Your Workplace?

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The backbone of a good company lies in how harmoniously the team of members in the company can work together. Having common goals, a healthy way of working together and trust and understanding between team members is extremely important for the success of any company. Many companies all around the world are starting to recognize […]

Top 10 Off-Beat Gifts to give during a Training Program

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Training programs are a blend of fun-filled activities followed with some serious learning. Not only do these programs promote development, but also, leave a lasting impression. However, what employees enjoy the most are “take-aways” received during the event. Considering the current corporate scenario, the approach towards gifts is changing drastically. Now, with the changing trends, […]

5 Reasons Why Companies Should Focus On Team Building Activities

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Providing the feeling of being an important part of the team to every employee is what every company’s HR management focuses on. Does the HR team of your company genuinely focus on such activities that would build better relation among the employees? Well, the performance and productivity of the company would help you to know […]

Top 10 Books to Gift to your Colleague

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Gifting your colleague a book is an excellent idea. In order to ease your hunt for finding the most appropriate book, we’re here with the suggestion of the top 10 books for colleagues. Let’s take a look below: 1. High-Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way [2017]:   Author: Brendon Burchard This book showcases […]

Top 10 books to gift to your CEO

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Planning to gift something to your CEo for his effort, go for Books. Take a look at top ten books you can gift to your CEO: 1. Pour your heart into it: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a time [1997]: Author: Howard Schultz This book is all about Schultz’s strong vision and […]